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I was lying in bed the other night, drifting off to sleep, when the following came to me. And, me being me, I just had to pretty it up and make a mini-poster out of it to share.

It feels really important right now to not only be focused on Love, remembering the truth of Who We Are, but to be feeling it, too. As I read over the words, I focus on the feelings they evoke, and it raises my frequency. I also feel a delicious feeling of peace and joy.

There is a PDF of this decree available for printing out, and you can access it here (it is smoother and clearer than the jpeg below).

I hope you will enjoy this and pass it along. Share the LOVE!

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Amit said:

That truly is beautiful. I'm a lot like you, I tend to get my inspirations just when I'm about to fall asleep, it happened again last night and I came up with a quote, it just popped into my head so I jumped out of bed, wrote it down and saved it so that I didn't forget it by morning!

Julia said:

Thanks, Amit!
It's not something my complication-loving ego-mind would likely have come up with--it's so simple. And yet it's the energy that moves within the simplicity that makes it powerful.
I think when we're about to fall asleep and our conscious mind is on ""idle,"" the brilliance has a chance to come through!
Glad you stopped by!

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