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Well, if today is a portent of the way things will be in 2007, it’s going to be a very interesting year!

I wouldn’t have thought I would have felt so high-frequency after yesterday’s downing of a bottle of champagne, watching of a football game, and eating of steak and lobster followed by chocolate! I kind of figured today would necessarily be a detox day, and yet I feel fantastic and many of my thoughts have been of the higher variety that would normally require my having consumed a minimum of pollutants!

Though I did feel clearer than expected, I kept my activity to a minimum, and indulged in a day hanging out with the pups on the daybed, watching a Monk marathon (and no, that is not about a member of a religious order—it’s a series on USA Network about a detective with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder!). Ever since I completed my mandatory holiday activities last week, I’ve been pretty lazy, doing a lot of relaxing and storing up for a fresh start this week.

So now I think I’ve largely fulfilled my need to be a slug, and I can feel my desire to channel new articles on the rise. And that is convenient, as an article I agreed to write for a compilation book is due, and I’m excited about working on my Winter 2007 (2007?!!!) newsletter. I have already selected a photo for it from the aftermath of the snow of last week.

A really shocking thing happened in Denver last night, or, rather, early morning of New Year’s Day. A Denver Broncos football player was shot and killed while in a limo, leaving a party. Apparently, Darrent Williams was a really well-liked, stand-up guy, but in his earlier youth (he was only 24), had been involved with a really rough crowd. Rick and I discussed what relation that might have had to what happened to him, and I expressed my theory about “rooms.”

The way I see it, when Jesus said, “My father’s house has many mansions,” he was talking about vibrational frequencies and specific energy dynamics that we become a part of based on our focus and vibration. It’s like if we are attuned to and focused on a violence dynamic, we are, in essence buying ourselves a ticket to the “mansion” and the “room” in that mansion where violence is present.

Here’s where some questions came up that we were chewing over: Even if you are not currently consciously focused into the violence, are you still in that room? Does it take a very specific, conscious shift to leave the room—or mansion—where the violence manifests in order not to continue to be subject to it? How do shift your vibration so that something you were deeply involved with in the past will not dictate what you are aligned with now and what mansion you are living in? To get to the "peace room," is there something beyond raising your vibrational frequency one must do? Deliberately choosing Oneness would surely seem to be the key.

One would think that someone who plays a game such as football may have a continued resonance with violence—but, of course, I did not know the young man and I have no idea if he was still actively involved in…hmmm…how shall I say it?...the seedier side of life? It will be interesting to see what the police find out about the shooter(s) and if he had an active relationship with them. At any rate, though I'm sure his family is very sad, I trust that the soul that was Darrent, is off on a new and beautiful adventure...

Here's affirming for you a really lovely, joyous, fulfilling 2007!

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Amit said:

Hey Julia,
Happy new year and I just wanted to say that my brother and I watch monk too, it's a fantastic show, totally hilarious!! :)

Julia said:

Hi, Amit!
Aaaahhh...another Monk fan! Tony Shalhoub is a genius, isn't he?! And the show is so well-written. I fell in love with him back in his Wings days, and loved him in Stark Raving Mad (TV show he had the title role in back in 1999-2000 that only lasted a season).
As always, glad you stopped by!
Love and Joy,

Deborah said:

I am a bit Monkish myself!
Happy New Year!

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