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I have been severely challenged the last few days to stay in Easy World! All the construction noise and chaos and coordinating of people and such has taken a toll on me and I am a little surprised about that. I thought I was prepared and centered, but I was wrong! I could spend this whole blog entry telling you about all the challenges, but I really don’t want to focus there. Suffice to say that I am thrilled it’s the weekend and that we have no plans other than vegging out and recovering!

I will say that having a conscious focus on Easy World helped me to remember to, over and over again, take a deep breath and allow. Rick was excellent today, when I was faced with a situation, at reminding me that “Everything is in Divine Order.” Boy—that just really realigned me! Sometimes when you’re stressing out and your frequency is lowered and you can’t seem to connect with your wisdom, it’s helpful to have someone who is in a clearer space to remind you and help you move back into alignment.

What has been astonishing to me is people’s responses to Easy World. Not only are there a lot of blog comments on it, there is a thread on The Secret Forum that, as of this writing, has 137 responses over 7 pages. It’s like people are just getting it without a lot of explanation. What people are describing is just waking up to their remembrance of a reality where they are great at allowing! And the results are coming instantly and they’re so excited about it. I knew it was a divinely inspired concept, but the response had been beyond what I expected! I think I finally found a way that the Eden concept is universally palatable! (Well—universally unless someone is really hung up on things having to be hard.)

This was the week that The Secret was on Oprah. We had our power out much of yesterday while the electrician reworked our main panel, but I told him it was really important that we be able to watch Oprah at 4:00, so he made sure he was done by then. Rick got home about 3:30 so he’d be able to watch it, too. It was really, really great. As long as I have been living by the principles in The Secret, I got a bunch of aha!s and am planning to watch it again soon (we taped it). It was thrilling to feel the energy expanding!

I feel like I’m forgetting something I wanted to share, but I guess I can always add it when I think of it. For now, I think I’m going to call it a night here soon and go to bed. It will be nice to go to bed early-ish and be able to sleep as long as I need to!

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Sibylle said:

I'm glad you're breathing again! My theory is that the whole thing about The Secret and Easy World is not to be in that perfect state 100% of the time anyway - but to learn to RECOGNISE when we're not in that state, take responsibility for what happens then, and learn to gently nudge ourselves back into the blissful alignment state within a reasonable time. All life is cyclical, why should we be exceptions? We strive towards perfection, yes, but at the same time it's often the imperfections that make us human and make us learn the most - and love each other!

Julia said:

Thanks for the insights and the hugs, Sybille! I'm so glad you stopped by.
(((((((hugs))))))) to you, too!

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