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Gosh--based on the subject of the last 4 entries, I guess it's obvious where my focus is these days!

As I've explained, we've been in the midst of all the projects that have to be completed before my Endless Pool can be installed in the garage. You may also remember that the overwhelming concept of coordinating all the many contractors and projects is what first brought me to Easy World.

Well...last week was not as easy as I would have liked. I spent far too much time out of EW to suit me. I really felt physically bad from getting up and snapping into action as early as I had to for the contractors, I was not too happy about a few things that happened, and the physical and emotional stress of dealing with everything was taking a toll on my knee. So I was thrilled Friday when the contractors had to leave early and said they wouldn't be back until it was warm enough to paint the shed they had built (to house the pool pump and heater and the garden tools, etc., that will no longer be able to be stored in the garage) because they only intended to make one trip to finish up all that was left to do. It was supposed to snow today and be pretty cold till next Tuesday, so I was not expecting to see them back for at least a week. I went to bed last night very relieved to know I could sleep till I was ready to get up and not have chaos ahead of me today.

But I woke up early this a.m concerned because I suddenly remembered that the electrician was coming this week to wire a bunch of stuff and that the construction guys needed to be done with the insulation and cutting the new door from the garage to the house before he could do the wiring. SO...I lay there worrying about how to convince the contractor to come back to do everything but the painting, and then I "came to" and said, "Whoa, Nelly! This is NOT for me to figure out. I live in Easy World where everything is easy and I wash my hands of all this. I here and now turn this over to the Universe to handle with ease," and rolled over and went back to sleep.

Would you believe that I slept in till 10 a.m. this morning? And when I woke up, the construction crew was at work finishing the insulation and the shed and was ready to install the new door this afternoon? And even though it was too cold to paint, they had thought they might be able to, so they had brought the paint with them. Which worked out great because we decided either we can paint the shed when it warms up, or the painter that needs to come after our new siding is put on can do it, so they just left the paint with us. By 4:00 this afternoon, everything that had to be finished before the electrician can do his wiring was finished, I got caught up on my sleep, and I didn't spend a moment dreading the chaos!


By the way, I spent the weekend creating Easy World products for my Cafe Press store. Here is a picture of the front and back one of the tee-shirt designs. To see the rest of what I've designed so far, including women's tank tops, sweatshirts, bumper stickers, and mugs, visit the Easy World Boutique! I'm having a blast designing, so look forward to LOTS of stuff! I'll also be adding some Recreating Eden things as well.

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Andrena said:

Hi Julia:
I love your cool EW products. Please design a pillow, I will order one. I think the magnets are a good idea too.
Blessing and love,

Julia said:

Thanks! And great ideas, Andrena! I hadn't even thought of pillows yet. I'll get on it!
Love, Joy, Ease!

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