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The idea that I might need to change the name of my website has flitted in and out of my consciousness for awhile now, and I just always knew that I’d know when the time had come to make a change. And turns out, the time was now.

With the Easy World energy coming in, and the evolution of my teaching, Recreating Eden just wasn’t fitting anymore. It was just not a wide enough umbrella. Not to mention, some people have been a little squeamish about the Eden idea, church-wounded as they are—thinking I might be telling the same old depressing, punitive story about Eve and Adam they learned in Sunday School. Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth as Recreating Eden actually heals that story, exonerates Eve, and provides a map back to Paradise. But never mind that--even if the name didn’t bring up people’s stuff, it just wasn’t working anymore for the website name.

So...the need arose to decide on a name. Given all the different things I have going, and all the things I have on the horizon, the one common denominator in all of it! So my website is now I didn’t want to make a radical change—at least not yet. I believe that’s coming down the pike, but it just seemed right to evolve things more gradually for now. Thus, the site looks basically the same, just with some graphical changes and some other updates. But for some reason, it feels huge. Maybe using my name is my way of claiming a little more of my power. It’s been awhile in coming.

Practically speaking, though, this all happened very quickly. Rick and I talked about it, I told Tony, our webmaster, that I wanted to talk to him and his wife and partner, Sherry, who designed the original look of the site, about a bit of revamping. I shared my idea for a new logo, and Sherry and I were on the same page with it right away. She suggested making Julia a lot larger than I had, and even though it felt a little funny to have my name that big, she convinced me it was the right thing design-wise and energy-wise. After just a couple of days, she had perfected the new logo for the top of the page, and Tony had implemented the changes. For me, it was definitely an Easy World experience!

It feels so different—and so right! I loved it the old way, but the new one is really an improvement in many ways. I updated the greeting letter on the home page, revised my bio, and did a bunch of other small things. There are still many things to do, like creating an online media kit, something I’ve needed to do for quite awhile. It is beginning to feel like I’m really going to soon need one, so it’s risen on the priority list. I’m in the process of changing the links wherever I have planted them—but happily, the old web address will still work just fine, so if you have the site bookmarked, the will still work.

I feel a fresh breeze blowing and is a tangible sign that it’s bringing even more exciting new energy my way…

Do go check out the new look and let me know what you think!

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Andrea said:

Hi Julia:
I think you are right on track with the change. I hope that you will also put up your E W product information somewhere on your website. Having the tangible products helps to reinforce the message of the wonderful articles, tapes, book, telesiminars and newsletters that you produce.
B & L,

Julia said:

Thanks, Andrena! And I will be putting up a link to the Easy World Boutique. There will even be an Easy World website in the not-too-distant future!
I'm glad you're finding that having the Easy
World stuff is helping! I especially love my EW mugs and clock so much. Makes it impossible to forget where I belong!
Love, Joy, Ease,

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