Some of my notes from tonight's Easy World teleseminar

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First, a special note. These teleseminars and all the resources I offer at are free of charge. I pour myself into them because I am divinely inspired to, and I do not charge money for these things because I am not divinely inspired to.

I am, however, inspired to ask for a different type of energy exchange so I ask that you consider telling one or more other people about my website and free teleseminars by emailing them a link to Who can you think of right now who would benefit from the energy, insights, and resources I offer?

What is Easy World and How Do I Get There?

You ALWAYS have the choice of what reality to empower in your experience, what station to turn your “radio” to.

Easy World is the reality matrix entirely set up to support your well-being and harmony with the Whole of Creation.

There is absolutely no struggle, worry, or effort in Easy World. In Easy World, everything is taken care of for you smoothly and with ease.

When you enter the Easy World reality, harmony prevails and things work out as if by magic.

If you find yourself struggling, worrying, trying to figure things out, trying to control or otherwise engaged in difficulty, you are no longer in Easy World and the magical results found there will not be available to you.

Only harmonious, inspired action factors into Easy World.

Easy World is accessed by relaxing, letting go of control (or the illusion of it), allowing and knowing that everything is working out just right.

ALLOWING is the key, no resistance Resistance puts you in DW.


When you reach EW, you feel a shift—air is different--ozone

EW is accessible to you always.
You are very familiar with it, whether you remember it or not!
Magical place
Extremely simple—and EASY—instructions for being there

The Principles of Easy World

The underlying principle of Easy World is that the Universe is set up to support ease. You must simply allow it.

That, of course, is how you get to Easy World.

There's only one law in Easy World:

***Worry, concern, and struggle are strictly prohibited. ***

The punishment for violating the law is immediate--¬and I do mean immediate:

***Ejection from Easy World***

This law is self-enforced, as only you can eject yourself. No one else has that power.

Happily, you also get to decide the length of your own sentence. Re-entry to Easy World is automatic when you let go of worry, concern, and struggle and simply allow things to be easy, the way they were designed to be.

Easy World is a parallel reality that is always instantly accessible, no matter how long you've been away from it.

As an aid to returning to Easy World when you find you’ve evicted yourself, take a deep breath, release it, along with any tension you've been holding, and say, "I now choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy."

Feeling joyful, being at peace, and radiating Love are side effects of inhabiting Easy World.

And, of course, creating all you desire ¬with ease ¬is a prime feature of Easy World.

Creating even more ease is a piece of cake in Easy World.

Simply being in Easy World provides an automatic invitation for others to join you there.

Some EW affirmations:

I live in Easy World, where everything is easy
and magic is an everyday occurrence

I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy (especially helpful if ego is arguing with you!)

I live a charmed life

It’s always miracle time in Easy World

Everything is easy in Easy World


What aspect of you might have a problem with EW? Ego is invested in difficulty and struggle. It doesn’t have any power in EW. It will continually try to bring you back to DW

Review what ego is—inner masculine out of alignment
Clamps down on flow--feeling of knots, congestion in solar plexus

Release essential oil blend is amazing for moving into EW

Easy World raises your frequency and raising your frequency aligns you with EW

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