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I posted the following to the Easy World Forum, but thought since some of you don't hang out over there, I'd post it on the blog as well! I'm getting ready to go swim (big smile!), and then I'll be focusing on tonight's free teleseminar (another big smile). Hope you are going to be there!


I had been finding myself out of Easy World while gathering information on chlorine-free pools over the last few days, running up against people not knowing things, not seeming willing to find out things, and generally not seeming willing to be of service.

So today, I invoked Easy World and...guess what! Things got EASIER! But I still wasn't getting the answers I wanted--the news that I got was, in fact, distressing. So I turned it over to the "Pool water angels."

Next thing I know, the phone is ringing and I get new information and it turns out that what we want to do is, indeed, easily possible. Then, I call a here-to-fore source of "not what I had wanted to hear," and got a really, really helpful person who told me exactly what I needed to do to achieve a changeover from chlorine to the non-chlorine system, and then, I called the pool store (a few blocks from our house--can you imagine?) that had been unhelpful yesterday, and today, they were very helpful and said they had just what we are needing in stock and ready to be picked up!

So from this experience, I learned that ANGELS are Easy World agents (why this only occurred to me now, I don't know!) and that when you're finding yourself only part way in EW, you just need to invoke them and they will usher you right into EW and do whatever it takes to get you what you need!

Remember--with angels, you must call on them and ask for help or they cannot intercede. I'm so glad I instinctively did that! I feel like I just opened a new door in Easy World!

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