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I’m back from my NC visit—I’d call it a vacation, and it was, but I find myself needing a vacation from my vacation! As usual, I packed it full so as to see the most amount of family and friends. It was lovely to spend time with everyone, but I found that I needed to power down and put my identity as spiritual teacher / purveyor of spiritual wisdom aside in order to be on the same wavelength with all but a couple of my friends.

It’s a little odd that something that is the primary part of your life doesn’t even exist to some people—or, perhaps, is a little threatening to them—so you have to rely on other parts of yourself in order to relate. That is very tiring! Not something I’m willing to do very much anymore. But I’m really glad I went and happy and very appreciative that the people I wanted most to see were available for me and despite the challenge to be a chameleon, I had a grand time with them.

Even though many of the people I care very much about either aren’t focused in the same direction I am, are not at the same place as I am, or just plain don’t get my mission at all, there is a connection and a caring that feels important to maintain and this trip was great for that! 

I had a powerful experience of following my intuition and avoiding a big problem that I’ll share with you. The day I left to come home to Denver, I drove from my dad’s house in Thomasville back to Raleigh to meet my wonderful, longtime friend, Michelle  at the car rental place at RDU. The plan was for me to turn my car in so we could go to lunch and then she could take me to the airport in time to check in. We’ve done this several times over the years, and it works great.

Indeed, this time, everything went off like clockwork as usual, we went to a fun place for lunch, had a wonderful time catching up and then headed for the airport. When we got there, we pulled up to the curbside check in and the skycap informed us that my flight, originally scheduled for 4:54 p.m. was delayed until 8:08 p.m. At this point, it’s a few minutes past 3:00. Five hours to wait? Yikes!

But I am reading a fabulous book (Eat Pray Love) which my sister, Ann, gave me as part of my belated birthday present, so when Michelle offered to take me to her house for a nap (which sounded wonderful), I seriously considered it but something inside said, “Just stay here—things aren’t as they seem with the departure time.” So I invoked Easy World, thanked Michelle and sent her on her way.  

I called Ann, who lives in Raleigh to tell her of my dilemma, and she offered to come get me and take me to her house, but I still had the feeling that I ought not leave, so I declined that option as well (but was grateful to know I had a place to stay if my flight got cancelled altogether). I checked when I got to my gate, and they were posting 7:40 as the departure time, so I hunkered down near a restroom and a food vendor to wait, feeling glad at least it was at least 28 minutes less to wait that I had been quoted at curbside.  

A nice woman and her business associate were seated next to me and they were waiting for their delayed flight home to Kansas. (Apparently, flight times were messed up all over the country because of a combination of computer problems and weather so there were lots of passengers being inconvenienced, but everyone seemed to be handling it well, thank goodness.) She decided to go to their gate, which was right next to mine, and check to see what the latest word was. Seeing that I had my cane with me (though I hardly used it this trip—yay!) she offered to check for me as well while she was down there and I gratefully accepted.

Good thing I did! When she returned a few minutes later, she said that my flight was about to board! So I went down to the gate and sure enough, though a few minutes’ past the original 4:54 departure time, my flight left at 5:15 p.m. If I had not been tuned into my inner guidance and accepted either Michelle’s or Ann’s invitations, or if I had not seated myself next to that kindly angel from Kansas, I would have missed my flight! And it was not a cheap one this time—we sprang for the expensive ticket so that I could get a seat on the non-stop Raleigh to Denver flight, so I was doubly grateful not to have missed it! 

It’s wonderful to be home. More soon!

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