Can you hear me now?

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We had a nice turnout for the teleseminar last night--we even had a woman call in from the Netherlands, where it was 3 AM--love those dedicated Europeans!!! In addition, we had some very electrical excitement. No--not just the energy of the topic, but there were electrical storms going on in the Denver area throughout the entire call. It caused weird phenomena like triggering the conference call announcements to go off spontaneously in the middle of my talk, and people getting cut off, including Rick (who was on the house phone) and me, who was using the office line.

At one point, I could hear the other people on the call but they couldn't hear me. So frustrating--I'm calling out, "Can you hear me?" and no one is answering! I loved what I heard, though, as they discussed the situation. People were lamenting that they had "lost" me and one lady very enthusiastically said, "And just when it was getting REALLY GOOD, too! Perhaps that was Spirit's gift to me, as it really was nice to hear. I don't always get such candid feedback!

Fortunately, Rick was able to reconnect and reassure them that I was going to be calling back in, so we didn't lose many, if any, of the people on the call, and I was able to get back in and finish. Folks had some great questions and I do LOVE answering questions!

On a different note, I connected with Amanda Tunney via Powerful Intentions this week, and have been emailing with her a bit. What an interesting person with an interesting project! She and her husband are raffling off the gorgeous resort in Indonesia that they built and have been running, and the drawing is August 31.If you have dreamed of escaping to the tropics and living an exotic, and, may I suggest, Easy World-conducive lifestyle (there is management and staff in place so you don't have to work too hard!), you just have to check this place out! Heck--it's relaxing and refreshing just to look at the pictures, so be sure to click on "Photo Gallery."

They want to move back to Australia and had the idea that they could create a contest for selling "Imaj." They've already sold their minimum number of tickets (25,000), so the drawing is on. If you're feeling lucky, you might want to spring for a ticket--they're $100 each. Just think--someone with powerful intentions and the right vibrations can have a $1.5 million property in paradise for only $100...

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