I emerge victorious from the maze I've been traveling in

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This afternoon, I sat at my desk and realized, as I have most every day lately, that my office was feeling a little dead, and started, as I've done just about every day lately, to do the things that counteract that feeling. I turned on my salt lamp, cranked up iTunes, started up the aromatherapy diffuser, and generally did what I could to get the energy up. But this day, I took a closer look at my space: what a mess! It was like the scales fell from my eyes and I could suddenly see that a big part of the reason it felt dead was all the deferred action--all the papers and cards and things that I kept just because I didn't know what to do with them. Even the stuff in the drawers that were out of sight, weren't, apparently, completely out of mind.

Well, one of the great things about waiting a long time before going through papers is that when you finally do, they're pretty easy to deal with because most of them are so old as to be totally irrelevant. I told myself I only needed to do as much as I felt like doing and I could quit anytime, so of course, I got a lot done! I was able to make huge progress in a couple of my drawers, and it felt fantastic to lighten the albatross! With every paper I put on either the recycle or the shred pile, I felt new energy pouring in.

Suddenly, I started having new ideas galore, which Rick and I met about this evening, and we have all kinds of things we're planning to implement to make my website(s) more interactive and interesting. As if that were not enough reward, I also unearthed the business card of someone I am going to call to help us out with some painting projects around the house (that was an Easy World find as I have been needing to find a painter), and I found 2 Chinese fortune cookie fortunes that seemed just perfect for the day. The first one said, "Your luck has been completely changed today," and the other said, "You emerge victorious from the maze you've been traveling in." OH, yes!

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