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It must be because its summer, but for some reason, I've just been letting my blogging slide these days. I'm thinking about vlogging--video-blogging--but that's about as far as I've gotten with it--thinking about it! BUT, I did have an Easy World experience related to it. I had expressed my desire to do some video stuff to Rick, and a few days ago, he came home with a new Canon Power Shot Digital Elph (don't remember the numbers and don't have it on hand at the moment) that will make videos. It was kind of magic because it was virtually free. (We have Amazon credit cards which we use for just about everything and had enough reward/rebate certificates for him to buy it.) We haven't used it yet, but I'm excited to. It did feel very Easy World the way it just showed up!

Nothing really spectacular has happened lately--unless you call making progress on the Easy World book spectacular--which, now that I think of it, it is! I was telling Rick last night about how thrilling it is to be able to work on it so casually--so easily! Whereas always before, I've needed special, large blocks of time where I could get really centered and focused before I could work on a book, this time, I'm finding I can work on it whenever I have a few minutes. I still need some longer, undisturbed periods, but generally speaking, I believe this one is going to get done in a much more casual, easy way. And I've not had hardly any need to whip myself to go faster with it--I figure it's an Easy World production all the way and I trust myself to write when it's right! LOVE that. (If you've read the preface to Recreating Eden, you know that self-flagellation was formerly a part of my author m.o.)

Tonight, Stepdaughter #3 called to ask if she could bring her boyfriend over for dinner (she was due to come anyway as it's our designated kids' night) and of course, we said "yes." Oh--an Easy World tie-in--the housecleaners were here today for our bi-weekly cleaning! So no hustling to get things cleaned up! Anyway, he was adorable and personable--very clear, very conversational (but not tooooooo much so), very look-you-in-the-eyes, and unless he's a really, REALLY smooth con artist, I believe he will be a wonderful influence. Of course, the kiss of death to a teenage relationship is to get too invested in it lasting, but I confess that I sure hope this one does for at least awhile!

Okay. All for now. Hopefully, there'll be a video here soon!

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