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I love, love, love bringing through answers to people's questions, so when I found that Kristian from Sweden had posted some on the Easy World Forum, I was excited to have the chance to answer them.

I was especially thrilled to have the questions because while we were on vacation, I felt powerfully, and expressed to Rick (again!), that my vision and intention is to do as Esther and Jerry Hicks do for their public appearances. Instead of coming up with themes for talks and workshops to give, they simply invite questions, and answer people's questions in the moment (well, Esther channels Abraham to answer).

That sounds like the end of the rainbow for me! Heaven!

I took Kristian's questions as a sign that I was heard and that the Universe is aligning with my desires. OR, more likely, I am aligning vibrationally with the Divine Desire that I feel longing to come into expression through me. "Spirit Answers Through Julia Rogers Hamrick."

Anyway, here are the questions and the answers I was inspired to give:

Who do you believe you are when you are in Easy World?

I believe I am my true Self--the "me" that is perfectly aligned with Source, and is non-resistant to The Flow of Love. In Easy World, I believe I am the highest expression of what it is to be a human being.

Do you believe you are your physical body or a spiritual being having a physical body?

Definitely I AM Spirit wearing an "Earth suit," the equipment necessary to fully experience and interface with the material realm here on Planet Earth.

Is Love something you feel and experience in Easy World or is it your true sense of self?

Love is who I AM and my experience of it is fully apparent when I'm in Easy World. Because all stress and ego machinations fall away in Easy World, unblocking The Flow, Easy World allows you to feel the Love flowing freely and to express your true nature in alignment with the Design for Harmony.

Do you believe you can choose whether an ego pulls you out of Easy World or not?

While it sometimes feels as though it's not a choice, I believe ultimately, it is. Staying in EW is inconsistent with the habits we've formed over a lifetime, so I believe it's a matter of establishing the habit of realigning with Easy World on purpose until it becomes your modus operandi again (you were in EW in the beginning and learned to choose Difficult World).

As you choose Easy World over and over, the Law of Attraction matches your vibration with experiences that perpetuate your time in Easy World and strengthens your ability to not be pulled out of it either by your own ego, or someone else showing up to "harsh your mellow." (Though actually, it is always your own ego that expels you from EW--but sometimes it's your ego answering the invitation from someone else's ego to join them in Difficult World!)


So...if you have any burning spiritual questions that you'd like a different perspective on, ask away! Of course, YOU have all the answers, so first, ask yourSelf. Then, if you want to see what the aspect of you that is me has to say, ask me!

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