Actually, I'd rather serve tea.

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After giving further thought to my last entry, I realize that my blog voice is just right for this blog's purpose. I think the reason I got so juiced thinking about how it would feel to be free to indulge in spiritual incorrectness is that my shadow needed a little expressing, and I needed to feel my humanness! I generally do that through watching The Young and the Restless, Sex and the City and other "junk food" television (do I hear you gasping?!), but perhaps I need to exercise that aspect of me in less passive ways--just not here on this blog! There are lots of other places to do that, and lots of other people's blogs to get that from vicariously when my small self feels too repressed.

The reason I'm especially devoted to being spiritually correct here is that I am doing my best to live--and model--what I teach. What I teach doesn't always have life experience behind it; much of it comes from Higher Mind and I just channel it. Then, I apply it to my life and do my best to live by it. It feels to me--and I don't mean to come across as too big for my britches--that it is important for me to live this stuff so that when people read or hear my words, it's not like trying to draw money from an empty account. I sense that there needs to be spiritual substance generated in my living to back up my words. Not to mention, the more of us who live at the highest level of integrity we're able to, the faster the vibrational frequency of the whole of humanity will rise.

So I have a real sense of sacred responsibility to keep the vibrational frequency of this space as high as possible, while still being a human being in the process of reclaiming my divinity--and, hopefully, lending support to you as you reclaim your own. That said, I do think I can commit myself to having a little more fun with the blog, just not that ever-seductive reverse-polarity kind of fun you have when you're ridiculing someone or indulging in other forms of frequency-reducing, duality-based stuff in an attempt to make yourself feel good. That kind of fun always seems to lead to feeling badly about it afterward. No--I will keep taking the high road because that's my path.

But hey--herbal tea can be fun, too. Put some juicy pear slices, a dab of fresh goat cheese, a few almonds, and a freshly baked, agave-sweetened, wheat-free cranberry muffin with it, and you've got a party! And no hangover!

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