God-Self, I trust you.

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What is your name for the Self of you that is above the magnetic gap that keeps us in the realm of ego? Spirit? Higher Self? God-Self? Or my favorite: God-Realized Self, since it's the aspect of you that is completely aware of its oneness with Source?

Or, do you, like I, have a specific name for "it" (you know--like "Angela" or "Jeffrey" or something)? I'm not feeling inclined to share this name, but it came to me when I was having a session with Margaret Fields Kean back in the 1980s, and has stuck. So I frequently refer to "her" using that name. I speak to "her" as if she were the most amazing, magical, totally compassionate, ultimately powerful friend who is always looking out for my total well-being (which she is!). I imagine it's like many Christians speak with Jesus. And pardon me if this offends, but I do believe that my relationship with my God-Self (and your relationship with your God-Self) and people's concept of who Jesus is to them and how a personal relationship to him works is pretty much the same kind of thing.

At any rate, I have cultivated a profound sense of connection with this Self, but just a couple of days ago came up with something that has not only supercharged the relationship, but has changed my life. And it's so, so simple, I can't believe I'm just now discovering it.

What I realized is that everytime I worry about my future, what I'm saying is, "God-Self, I don't trust you." In this instance, I was panicking because my knees, at that moment, seemed to be getting worse instead of better, and all I could think of is where that decline might be leading, and surely the worry--which is a prayer to what you don't want--was not helping!  So my next thought was "What if every time I felt fear, I simply said, 'God-Self, I trust you'?" So that's what I've started doing. Would you believe, my knees have been night and day better, and I could tell the difference immediately?  And several other things that were problems just cleared right up? What a confirmation!

It's amazing how many times a day I've needed to say it! Each time I find myself concerned about anything, I just catch myself and say, "God-Self, I trust you." The relief in it is palpable. I had no idea how many votes of no confidence I'd been putting out there! This has absolutely revolutionized everything for me.

Why does it work? The primary thing is that It immediately unblocks The Flow of Love from Source because it opens the gate that blocks the pipeline that the ego-mind closes when it is in fear and worry. I am so, so, so very grateful to have discovered this. I wanted to share it with you so that you could try it, too. I honestly believe it's the most powerful spiritual strategy I've ever been blessed to discover...next to Easy World, of course!

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