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With David's passing (see my blog entry "Goodbye, David Enloe" from Nov. 28), I've been spending a lot of time reminiscing about 1979-80. (Funny how much that time period is coming up in my consciousness--notice it is featured in my Nov. 25 blog entry below "One of my most memorable Thanksgivings" as well). As I read others' blog's about David and watched the video tributes, etc., I started wondering if I had any photos of the Fabulous Knobs, or even any from that era, period. But I just couldn't face the thought of trying to find the box that had old photos in it after failing the last time Rick and I had looked for it in the jungle we call our basement. Because my knees don't like the stairs, I save my downstairs trips for the rare occasions I really, really need to go. So I said (in true
Easy World style), "No energy to look for it--I guess it'll just show up if there is one."

A little back story: Last year, I shunned decorating for Christmas--too busy, too much trouble. This year, I mostly felt the same, but for some reason, decided to at least get a faux tree and decorate it as I so love my ornament collection. So we ordered a pre-lit tree. In the meantime, I thought "Shoot--why'd I do that? I don't like fake trees, and I don't want to decorate!" But after spending a bunch on the tree (I'm not one to tolerate a toilet-brush tree--giving in to an artificial tree was sinking low enough), I was committed. You'll be hearing and seeing more about that tree soon. Anyway...

Yesterday, hubby and Stepdaughter # 4 and I go to the basement to the one organized spot therein--the Christmas stuff. It's all in dedicated boxes and Rubbermaid bins, stacked together in a designated area so I could decide what to bring upstairs. When they asked which ones, I said, "Just bring it all up so I can decide." So they did.

Would you believe that as I plowed into the boxes, I discovered that somehow, a box of photos I had sent back from NC in the great cleaning-out of the family home had somehow gotten into the Christmas stuff? And that the photo on the very top of the pile was this faded, degraded Polaroid which Rick was kind enough to scan this morning and email to me?

Yes--that's me in the center.  David Enloe is on the far left, Dave Adams is next, then Terry Anderson, me, Dave Adam's then wife, Debbie, and Keith Taylor on the right.

If I had not had the inspiration to decorate this year, I would not likely have found that photo. I didn't have to search for the box. I didn't even have to dig through the box--it was on the very top! I LOVE EASY WORLD!!!

Of course, I did end up digging through it, and finding lots of great photos of my life. Who knows? I may subject you to more of them. For now, I'll just share the other one I had Rick scan this morning because it was so degraded and in danger of being lost forever. According to family lore, I had been crying my eyes out so they got the camera out as the sure-fire way to get me to stop :

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