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I want to introduce you to the "Holy Tea Club." I discovered Dr. Miller's "Holy Tea" through Venus Andrecht's blog, and the minute I read about it I just knew it was what I needed. I had finally been doing a mercury detox a year and a half after having my mercury amalgams removed--I had been waiting to get my colon, liver, and kidneys ready to do that and finally felt it was time to, but after a couple of weeks of it and feeling really crummy, my chiropractor muscle tested me and said my liver was overwhelmed and that before taking more of the homeopathic mercury detoxer, I needed to detox my liver. This occurred around the time I read about the tea, which is called "Holy Tea" because it contains a large percentage of milk thistle, also called "Holy Thistle," an herb that supplies silymarin, which is a liver detoxifier and support! How Easy World is that? I didn't have to pursue the answer--it came right to me.

I immediately ordered a trial amount of the tea, and started using it as soon as it came. I loved it right away! Very, very cleansing--but very gentle. In fact, it was so gentle, I upped the dosage and started getting more dramatic results. As soon as I was certain I wanted to stay with it, I signed up as a distributor (for free) so I could get a better deal on it. I decided to wait till I was absolutely sure of the results till I shared it with you, and now I am.

Without going into gory detail, I am cleansing at a level that is surprising from just drinking 14 or so ounces of the tea per day. I love the flavor--very mild--and I have to guard against drinking too much because I don't want to cleanse too fast! Instead of telling you what I'm finding in my ...um..."cleansing evidence," I'll refer you to the list of benefits of the tea and let you deduce! As for the benefits I'm experiencing, I just feel so much cleaner inside, less bloated, skin is soooooo soft, joint discomfort has diminished, brain fog is lifting (and that's even with the toxic Christmas load I added!), sleeping more deeply and feeling more rested, having more energy and stamina. I'm really psyched about this! It's not only cleansing my eliminative organs, it's helping to detox the mercury as well. It's wonderful to be able to do something so easy that has such a big impact.

Holy Tea is quite an Easy World product. I have taken a lot of cleansing products in my time, but I have never experienced such benefits without discomfort! Do go look at the products page on my Holy Tea Club website and see what you think. Check out the list of benefits and read the testimonials.

What a healthy way to start the New Year--clearing away the old toxins and reclaiming energy and clarity! With ease!



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