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CEW progress report

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I need to get focused on packing and such--I feel like I've been in a complete fog and I'm just now waking up and realizing that there are only 3 days before the morning when I leave for Spain! So many details to handle. Very glad I know about Easy World. Now, to remember to choose it... (grin)

But I did just want to report the latest in the Choosing Easy World book saga.

I received the Spring/Summer catalog from St. Martin's Press, Choosing Easy World's publisher, today, and not only did they give it a 2-page spread, they had listed their marketing plans for it and they are HUGE and exciting and I feel SOOOOOOO blessed.

I also connected with the marketing manager for the first time today and in her email she said, "I LOVE the book. You have created an amazing, totally accessible and wonderful work. I'm so thrilled to be working with you on it!"

I'm in total awe of how Easy World is handling all this. Naturally, Easy World wants the book about itself to do great, but still--wow!!!

I'll see if there's a chance to write again before I leave, but I suspect my next blog entry may be from Spain!!!

Copy-editing time

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I got my copy-edited manuscript for Choosing Easy World back from St. Martin's Press on Monday, and have been poring over the pages of red marks! When I first saw them--not only the amount of them but the foreign nature of the marks, many of which didn't match up with those in my guide to proofreader's symbols--I'll admit that Easy World is not exactly where I was.

I'm so glad I wasn't able to reach my editor when I first called her after looking at it as I was pretty freaked out. But after choosing Easy World and looking it over thoroughly in a kinder, gentler reality, I discovered that many of the marks I didn't recognize were instructions to the typesetters about spacing, types of dashes, and such. Once I really got into it, the rationale behind many of the changes the copy-editor (different person than my acquisitions editor) made began to make sense, too. She didn't really change anything about the structure or order of the book--that isn't her job. Hers is to make sure the grammar is correct, that there are no typos, and that there is no repetition and such. I never realized how much I use the term "indeed" until I saw how many of them she deleted!

Last night, as I stayed up way too late finishing my first pass through all 219 pages, I found myself feeling a closeness with this person I've never met. She really seemed to "get" the book which seemed more evident the farther into it she got. I surmised this by some of the suggestions she was making for word substitutions and such. I may be projecting this onto her, but I had the feeling she liked the book. Almost all of her corrections and suggestions will make it even more clear and effective.

It's funny, but the task I had thought was going to be so odious and overwhelming when I first saw the manuscript with all the markings and sticky notes on it turned out to be a pleasure. I love that book so much--not because it came from me, because it didn't. I was the midwife that birthed it. I love the Love in it and the clarity and ease of it. That all came from Spirit. Reading it--even with all the marks--has always put me in Easy World. I'm so appreciative that no one attempted to change it in any kind of major way and thus, diminish the powerful energy in it. I needn't have worried about that at all--Easy World had it covered and I'd have seen that had I been in Easy World all along!

My baby has a face!

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This was approved today! What do you think?


What does Easy World look like?

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This is how it looked this evening here on the shore of Lake Michigan:

EW sunset sm.jpg

Truly Alive with Sheila Ulrich

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Wednesday, August 26 (or whenever you like!)

Julia will be Sheila Ulrich's guest on her Truly Alive show on Blogtalk Radio to talk about Living and Healing in Easy World. You can listen live at


1:00 PM Eastern / 12:00 noon Central / 11:00 AM Mountain / 10:00 AM Pacific


To listen live, just click here:

Sheila Ulrich's August 26 Interview with Julia Rogers Hamrick


To call in and ask questions, dial 1-347-996-5040


If you can't listen live, visit the show site at your convenience and you can listen to the archived version! If you'd like a reminder to listen, visit the link above in advance and set one up so you'll be sure to remember!


+ + +


Did you miss Julia being interviewed about Easy World on Michelle Vandepas's  Live Your Purpose radio show back in April? You can remedy that with ease by just clicking the following!


Michelle Vandepas's April 28 Interview with Julia Rogers Hamrick

Water World

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No, not writing about the water park. Our house!

The last 48 hours have seen a lot of water-themed events at the Hamrick house. I am not even going to relate them all...

First--and this was planned--Peter, our wonderful pool guy, came to empty the pool, uninstall the stainless-steel benches and the current generator, scrub it all completely, reinstall everything and refill it. The water has been murky for a long time despite our efforts to clarify it, and I finally could not stand it any longer. I was in denial about its safety because I hesitated to spend the money to get it done, what with Rick having still not found a job. But it was definitely the thing to do. When he pulled out the benches (these are an integral part of an Endless Pool as they create the return channel for the water when the current is on), there was hideous thick, brown sludge hiding under and behind them. ICK!!!

We have a chlorine-free pool which is purified (supposedly!) by an Eco-Smarte system that uses ultra-violet light and copper ions. It hasn't been doing the job, obviously. It wasn't cheap, either, but at the time we got it 2 years ago, it was pretty much the only viable candidate. (As a disclaimer, Endless Pools does not endorse the Eco-Smarte. The standard issue with an EP is a mild chlorine with copper and silver ion system.)

The pool holds between 2500 and 3000 gallons of water, and it had to go somewhere, so it went to water the garden. Rick stayed outside and made sure it was spread around equally. Being that it was a gorgeous, dry, sunny day and the garden needed the moisture, that was really a timely event. I thought. But it rained last night and again today. Not a problem--just one of those ironies!

So, the day was spent dealing with water. And so was the night. The pool was full again with fresh water by 5:00 p.m. but it had to warm up before I could swim in it. So my watery adventure of the evening wasn't from the pool, but the bathroom.

I went to my bathroom (the one that was remodeled 2 years ago) around midnight, after not being in there for a couple of hours, and found water all over the glass vanity countertop which had run under the glass and between it and the fancy wooden cabinet frame, into the under-sink cabinet, and the drawer as well. Since I had lined them with plastic liner, I had to pull it all out and dry the wood thoroughly, which meant taking everything out of the cabinet and drawer. It was enough water to soak 3 thick bath towels and an oversized beach towel. What a mess!

Now, you may be thinking I had left Easy World, and I suppose I had, but the gift in all this was that in the vanity drawer was a printout of an ebook I had stuck in there a year or so ago while hastily tidying up, folded to the page I'd last been reading. I had spotted it a couple of times while getting something out of the drawer and it had kind of called to me, but I'd been too busy to stop and just hadn't gotten to it yet.

On that page, whose contents I hadn't remembered at all, was the exact answer to a heartfelt prayer I'd sent out just minutes before I had discovered the flooded bathroom. I don't want to share about that right now, but suffice to say that there was absolutely no mistaking that I was meant to encounter that information as a result of the water problem. Spirit moves in mysterious ways and will get your attention however it has to!

The plumber came this afternoon (during a thunderstorm when it rained again!) and showed us that the ceramic cartridge of the fancy tower-style faucet was cracked and that's why it was leaking. He didn't have a replacement and so far, I haven't found one either, even after spending a lot of time online and Rick going to 2 places locally. But I'm sure it will work out just fine. It already has in Easy World.

Oh--last night as I was getting into bed, after the evening rain, the mopping up of the bathroom, and so on, I heard the sprinkler system come on. I didn't even waste time feeling guilty about it. In fact, I chuckled. It was just part of  the crazy--divine--uber water day.

MY dream?

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I had a really cool experience yesterday when I was in the swimming pool--an exceedingly high-vibe place for me, especially with the movement and oxygenation I experience while working out there.

I was thinking about the successful launch of
Choosing Easy World at St. Martin's earlier in the day. (My editor sent word that it went great and that all involved--a couple dozen people--were, and I quote, "totally into the book." That's huge, as these are the people who will be designing the cover, producing the book, and marketing it, among other things!)

As I was contemplating this and how some other things were lining up for this book to be a success--you know, thinking about how beautifully the Universe and Easy World were cooperating with my vision--I "heard" the following, loving statement:.

"How delightfully amusing that you're wanting to measure our cooperation with you and your dream, even while we are observing how well you are cooperating with the vision and mission we provided you!"

Don't you love it? Silly, ego-driven me, thinking it was mine--forgetting where it came from! Thinking I had to gain cooperation! It was never "mine." It's so much bigger than me, Julia! It is Easy World's and I am the lucky human who is being guided to manifest it in the 3-D world.

"Will it succeed?" "Will it fail?" It's already succeeding and has already succeeded in Easy World! The only question is will I be in Easy World to see that?! I don't have to make anything happen, I just have to coordinate with what is being provided--with the success it already is--and allow myself to stay attuned to that. I can't mess it up. I can only mis-perceive it by being in Difficult World instead of Easy World.

Looking at the whole thing that way sure takes a lot of the pressure off!

What's the divine idea you're trying to make happen? What's the mission you've been charged with? It's not actually yours! You didn't make it up! It was shared with you because you're the right one to bring it into the 3-D realm so that others can connect with it that way.

And you don't have to make it happen! It already exists and your job is to translate it into form.
Your job is to provide the conduit for it to manifest. Relax, stay in Easy World, and act only in response to inspiration and energy.That's how you accurately coordinate with its divine blueprint. Allow yourself to be guided and for the wonders to be revealed to you. Know that it's already a success in Easy World. You'll see that and be in alignment with it when you're there! I mean, "here." 

By the way, I did ask who the "we" was in the statement "they" made to me. The answer was, "You can just think of us as the Easy World Chamber of Commerce."



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Years ago, when I decided to use the name on my birth certificate, "Julia," instead of the nickname I'd always been called, "Julie," I used to sign my name "Julie/Julia" when corresponding with people who had known me as "Julie." Didn't want to freak them out or make them feel  bad for still thinking of me as "Julie." I, myself, have been challenged to accept and integrate a friend's "new name" when called upon to do so, and I wanted to accommodate this for my friends and family. So when I heard about Julie Powell's blog, "The Julie/Julia Project," back in 2003--or, it may have been 2002--I felt a mixture of familiarity, connection and envy (what a cool idea she had!).

And now, with the movie Julie & Julia coming out, I find it somewhat humorous that, while in search of Julie Powell's blog, some people are unintentionally finding their way to my blog--in particular, to an entry from 2006 where I talk about my inner child, "Sweet Julie"! Spirit has some truly fascinating, quirky ways of making connections, and while I'm guessing the lion's share of folks who show up only to find that my blog is not what they were looking for will immediately navigate away, a connection will have been made in the ethers nonetheless. I intend blessings for all those who find my blog and sites (however they find them), and so the Julie/Julia Project seekers get to share in the Love regardless! And, who knows? Maybe a couple of them will stick around!

I'm very excited because today, Monday, the in-house launch meeting is being held for my upcoming book, Choosing Easy World, at St. Martin's Press, my publisher. This is when all the various departments there get involved. According to my editor, Jennifer Enderlin, September is when we'll see a cover design and I'll start working with the marketing department and publicist. Hooray! Things will be picking up speed now! May (publication time) still seems like an age away, but I'm sure time will continue to fly...

I have a new mini-poster to upload to to the freebies page, but it's not there as I'm writing this because Tony, my webmaster, was taking some vacation time last week after I created it (I made it for the meeting and decided to share it with everyone). I'm sending it to him to upload first thing when he gets back to his office, so look for it later today (it's the wee hours of the morning right now) or tomorrow at the latest. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The poster is now uploaded and ready for you to download!
Here's a thought that came powerfully to me tonight--an affirmation of sorts. I don't know how eloquently it will come out as it's late and I'm bleary-eyed, but I felt strongly motivated to share about it before heading to bed::

I am always inspired, energized and funded with resources to support me in thriving.

If I don't feel inspired, and the energy and resources don't seem to be available, it's my notice that I'm not in alignment with the Design for Harmony and thus can't see the support which is there for me. (In other words, I'm in Difficult World and the support is in the other reality, Easy World.)  If I'm not thriving, it means I have not been paying attention to the path under my feet and I've wandered off..This is not wrong, but it does lead to pain.

When I stay true to mySelf--true to Love--and trust in my own perceptions and instincts, staying fully present instead of wandering off into denial because of fear of what is, I stay on course,

When I allow myself to align with Spirit through choosing Love and acceptance over fear and resistance, I will see and be empowered to take the next step on the path of my well-being and I will find that all the support I need is there.

I know I'm on the path of well-being when I experience inspiration, energy and support for the next step.

I was really psyched about today because, without going into detail (may do that later!), I had a day lined up where there was a lot to do and everything fit together perfectly schedule-wise. I woke up feeling really happy about the day's activities and how well things were lined up. But by the time I saw Rick, just minutes after arising, things had shifted. (He gets up much earlier than I do.), He notified me that a phone call had come in with the message that one very important part of the schedule had changed. I was immediately annoyed. More than annoyed. Gee whiz, the ego-mind does not like to be flexible! I went from sweet to sour in only seconds.

I sat down at my desk and the first thing that caught my attention in the morning's email was today's Easy World Power Thought: "There is no place I'd rather be than Easy World." (I know others have really appreciated the daily EWPT reminders--this is the first time I've really let myself benefit!) I realized that I was far from Easy World at that moment.

So, I invoked EW and relaxed. I thought, "What would being in EW with this apparent disruption to my schedule look like?" And I realized that if I were truly in EW, at higher vibrational frequency, I'd be clear that everything that happens, no matter how it appears, is always for my benefit. I truly felt the power in it and knew that even though I didn't understand how or why, the way things were unfolding was going to work out better than my rigid mental idea of how I had thought things would be. Wow--the difference in how I felt just assuming that understanding was quite amazing! From sour back to sweet, instantly.

As it turned out, I ended up having more to do in my office today than I'd been expecting , and not as much energy as I'd have liked to get it all done, and so it was a relief not to have to go out to the appointment after all. I took a quick nap instead which made the rest of the afternoon flow really smoothly. The appointment got moved till tomorrow, at an even more convenient time than originally scheduled, and as it turned out, there would have been no particular advantage to my going today, even though it had looked for all the world that there would have been. Relaxing and trusting in Divine Order made it so that in doing the things I did do today, I was able to have an easy, flowing time instead of a hectic one. Easy World!

So, here's a question for you. I posted it on Twitter today and it got re-tweeted several times (I guess people could feel the truth in it!): What might happen if you decided everything that occurs is for your benefit?

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