White Christmas

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Apologies for my silence of late! Despite choosing Easy World much of the time, I let myself get a little overwhelmed during the Christmas whirl, and just plain tired. So I chose Easy World again (and again!), and only did what I was inspired and energized to do and, evidently, that wasn't blogging! So, I guess an apology really isn't appropriate since I was simply following my own energy flow and ignoring the "shoulds." Isn't it funny how trained we are to have expectations of ourselves and then to apologize when we don't live up to them?! So, on second thought, no apologies!

We had a white Christmas--that was fun--about 10 inches of snow to add to our already-snow laden backyard. Now, two days later, it's snowing again! Really beautiful, but it can stop anytime now...This photo is from Christmas Day and you can hardly even tell there's a street between the dead flowers and the fence! That diagonal line on the left side of the photo (look closely) is the front of our Honda Odyssey van! Everything looks pretty much the same today only more so...

I'm spending some time this week developing some spiritual empowerment classes to offer, so be on the lookout for some smaller-group opportunities to make progress in raising your vibration and being more of Who You Really Are!



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