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I got an email from a woman named Enocia Joseph from England yesterday, introducing herself and saying how happy she was to have found the Easy World site. In her email, she included a link to an article she wrote and it is clearly EW related. I just loved it and think you will too! It reminds me of what Mary Mooney, my Results therapist, says about there being angels for every conceivable task that are just waiting to be asked to do their job. They can't interfere without permission, so you need to ask them and they handle whatever needs to be handled. Obviously they are Easy World entities! Maybe when you invoke Easy World, you are activating them without asking for specifics. Hmmm...something to ponder.

Anyway, back to Enocia. Her entire blog--okay, what I've read of it, anyway--is awesome. I've only read a few articles so far (definitely planning to read more), but they are, as they say in her home country, "spot on." I think you will love her writing, too, so I am I'm giving you the link to the article she sent me. Be sure to click the links at the end of it, and just generally poke around on her blog.
I am so attracted to her energy and message!


Oh--and here's something else to enjoy. I was lurking on the PI Forum today, and someone was talking about her 80-year-old dad being very much into bubble wrap and how he had thanked her not only for her gift that she sent but for the bubble wrap it came in. Someone piped up and suggested she send him a link to a virtual bubble wrap site. Apparently, this has been around for eons, but I had never discovered it before (I may now be the last one to discover it!). Well, I Googled virtual bubble wrap and found this site:

It is totally addictive if you use "manic mode," so have fun, but be forewarned...

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