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I was holding off making a blog entry because I was hoping to have a video or 2 to post links to, but it will be tomorrow before they're ready. I've been knowing I needed to get some videos up on YouTube and out in the world for some time now, but kept resisting for various reasons--we tried this summer doing some out in the garden and again in Michigan on the beach, but there were always distractions like wind and the dogs and so on and they just didn't turn out well. I don't even know exactly what lit the fire Friday night, but I suddenly KNEW the time was right, and scheduled time with Rick to do them Saturday afternoon before we went to a party (I figured I'd already be coiffed and made up, etc.--perfect! I don't do that everyday so I like to coordinate for efficiency's sake.)

I was really, really happy with the words and energy that came out, but really, really unhappy with the way the videos looked. And it wasn't only that my hair looked funky and the camera was focused right on my double chin, etc., but the camera angle was not right and it was too far away from me. Not to mention, it could hardly have looked less like that photo of me I've been using as my professional photo from 4 years ago that was photoshopped to make me look smoother and slimmer. I figured if I released those, and they followed the URL to, people would think the one on the website was the woman in the video's daughter!

Sooo...I decided to go again today (Sunday), and after I swam, I did the beautification routine again and we had another session. This time, I was smart enough to check the recording for camera angle, etc., before we did more than some quick tests. It made all the difference! I am much happier with these (even though I like the ones from Sat. from a content and performance standpoint and may release them later on.) As I said, hopefully, I'll be able to give you the link to those tomorrow or so. They are me talking about various aspects of raising your frequency and the relationship between your vibration level and your life experience. I think they'll be really helpful to people!

I'm in an interesting place with myself. This whole episode has brought up some cool new realizations. As much as I love the photo of me that's on my homepage right now--this one:  and part of me--the vain part--would love to look like that again, I'm really ready to be the middle-aged, chubby woman of substance! That image fits how I feel a lot more accurately than the picture I've been using. I guess it's time for a new professional portrait, even though I am fatter than I want to be and had thought I'd wait. Really--most people who are interested in me as a teacher could not care less what I look like--they just want to hear what I have to say. And that's really cool to realize!

I am really quite happy with myself for reaching this new level of self-acceptance!

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