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I really, really want to make a blog entry about something other than the Holy Tea Club, but it has run away with me! I'll try to talk about something else, too, but it's very large in my consciousness at the moment. I suddenly have 19 people in my downline and it's all happened quite spontaneously! I started a Yahoo Group so that we could all share and learn about the tea from each other and to make it easier for me to communicate efficiently and that's taken right off, too. I have felt so much energy around this whole thing that I'm just going with it--inspiration plus energy = fruitful action, so I have not resisted!

Okay...something else to talk about...let's see...Well, I planned all day to make a long-overdue trip to Vitamin Cottage to get groceries and supplements, but I kept being busy in the office and it got later and later. I kept thinking how I'd better go by 4:00 pm or the store would be too busy--you know, Friday afternoon with people stopping off on their way home from work, etc. and I couldn't seem to help myself from visualizing a packed parking lot. Well I finally managed to get out the door at 5:10. The traffic there was strangely moderate (I hadn't thought to create that as challenging!), but when I got to the store, the parking lot, which is on a steep slope (they really could have used a day's more grading when they made it), was jam-packed, with no parking places at all open near the entrance. Just what I had visualized and created with my continuous reinforcement of the thoughts about the busyness I would encounter unless I went out by 4:00!

So I drove up the hill to the upper part of the lot and turned around and said to the powers-that-be in Easy World, "Look. I know I created this with my constant thinking about how it was going to be busy, but I am  just not willing to walk down the steep slope (worst thing on my knees) to get to the entrance. You just have to find me a close-in spot!" and then I started driving back to the main parking area, TOTALLY confident that things were working out perfectly for me to have an easy parking spot.

Just as I was approaching the store entrance again, a car pulled out of a place directly opposite the door! It wasn't THE closest place, but only a few feet farther, which was only really an issue in taking the cart back to the corral, etc. and the extra steps that would entail. But as I was checking out, I mentioned that I had forgotten my canvas shopping bags in the car and to save mileage on my knee, I was just going to give in for today and use plastic bags, The clerk then offered to find me someone to help me out to the car, so I had a nice young man load my groceries into the van. He was so happy to be outside (we had an amazingly and uncharacteristically "warm" day today of 50+ degrees!). And, of course, I did not have to make the extra trip to put the cart back--he handled that. Because I was in Easy World, everything just lined up right for me and for all involved!

Even when you find you have created things to be difficult (a pesky human habit), you can move right into Easy World without penalty as long as you simply invoke it and trust and expect that the EW agents are creating things so as to support your well-being!

See? I DID manage to write about something other than the tea! Of course, the reason I was so busy in the office and got out the door so late was tea-business related, so did I really?!

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Margie Colbert said:

Dear Julia,
This is a huge thank you note to you. Today it feels like I have turned a proverbial corner on getting the hang of EW, thanks to a situation I found myself stuck in today. In an example of Spirit arranging things perfectly, I had read this blog entry yesterday. I'm referring in particular to the part where you decided that even though you had been focused in DW, in the moment you refocused in EW, the situation shifted and you found a parking spot right in front of the store.
Without going into the details, today when I found myself wallowing in self-pity and anger over my unwanted situation, I remembered that I could turn things around right away (just like you did)if I focused only on what I wanted, even though I had been feeling so deeply negative just moments before. I thought of things to appreciate, then said the magic words "I live in EW where everything is easy,", while totally relaxing and focusing on my desired outcome for about 10 minutes. Nothing apparent happened right away, but within the hour, everything shifted and events worked out exactly - no, even better than - I had wanted. I think it was a miracle, to be honest. This is the first time I can truthfully say that I am convinced that this works. So once again, thank you so much for sharing your processes, especially those seemingly mundane events, because they open up the pathway of new possibilities for all of us!

Julia said:

That's fabulous, Margie! It really does seem to be true that until you experience Easy World on purpose for the first time, you just don't realize its power!
It really means a lot to me to know that what I share, even when it doesn't seem very profound, can make a difference for someone. Thanks for the lovely validation about that!

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