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Nothing too profound tonight...just little bits of news...

We made a new batch of videos today--this time, about Easy World. Rick will be editing them and getting them up in the next couple of days. Loving them! I've been wanting a video for the home page for quite awhile. I think we've got one--or several to choose from--that will work just fine. I put one of the other videos (Solving problems by raising your vibrational frequency) on the PI Forum, and it has been very, very well received. I checked the stats on it at YouTube, and it has had 114 views so far. If you feel like it,
please go see it at YouTube and rate it!

The courses I'm offering this month are filling, but more slowly than I had expected based on what I'm charging. I've been wondering if I've seriously underpriced them! Maybe people think they aren't going to be worth their time since they're offered at such a low price. Someone in the teleseminar the other night piped up and said, "These are an amazing value--I encourage you to take a look!" I really appreciated her saying that because it's so true. I think if people realized what's being offered, they'd jump on them! And so I'm intending that they will!

I've been putting together a promotional email for the courses to send out Tuesday, and I'm offering anyone who takes either class the chance to have a one-hour personal attunement at 20% off in Feb. or March. We have enough in each class to go ahead with them, but I'd love to have more people for a fuller dynamic. I guess I'll just stay in Easy World with it and know that we'll have exactly the right configuration!

Tomorrow's going to be like another Saturday as Rick's taking Monday off (yay!) because it's his birthday, so I'll probably be relaxing too. Mine's not till Feb. 27th, so he'll officially be older for just around 3 weeks. We'll be 54 this year! Unbelievable. We're planning to have a little private Super Bowl party--not because we care that much who wins, but because it's a great excuse to have a Margarita and eat chips, guacamole and Mexican 5-layer dip! Gooooooooo Broncos! I did you say is playing?

Found out today that my first month's commissions from the
Holy Tea Club add up to close to $350! Not bad for doing hardly anything...

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Teresa said:

OK Ms. Shiny One -- Now I know we have one MORE thing in common. My birthday is 2/26! :) It really does not surprise me that you are a fellow-fish.

Julia said:

Ha! That does not surprise me, either! Two fishies, swimmin' along.

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