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Tonight is March's free teleseminar. I named it "The Power of Being True to YOU." I also designed a new class that will start in May called "Putting Your Self First." Yes--there is a theme emerging!

Now, honestly--I don't know where this sudden trend toward focusing on the Self came from. It wasn't so much from my thinking about it and studying it. I mean--I was just playing around, composing what I thought might end up being something for a poster. It was just flowing out of me, so I cooperated and typed as the words came. The first part of it went like this:

  • What if you trusted your own energy flow and simply did what felt good and fun and right for you?
  • What if you dropped all the shoulds and ought-tos and listened to your own energy for the cues of what to do--or not do?
  • What if you knew that when you were true to your own energy, whatever you did would not only prosper you, but everyone and everything else as well?
  • What if you could totally trust Life to support you completely as long as you stayed truly true to yourSelf?

And, in the midst of this, I realized that because Stepdaughter #1 is performing with her college jazz group at a local jazz club on the last Tuesday of the month and I wanted to go, if I were going to do a teleseminar this month, it would need to be on March 18 (which is today, but at the time, it was next week). Yikes I needed to jump on it and get it up on the website! But what would be the topic? Ha! I could use what I had just written and call the seminar "The Power of Being True to You"! . So that's what I did. Bing bang boom. And the above "What if"s became the description. It all fell into place with such ease.

Then, the other day when I was getting ready to put together today's mailing for the teleseminar, the voice within said, "Are you sure you don't want to offer a class and go ahead and advertise it?" I just loved the 2 classes I did in Feb. and Mar., but had decided not to do more till Sept. because I knew I wasn't the only one who'd want to be outdoors this Spring and Summer and not committed to a class. But I was getting the message that offering a class was the thing to do. So I found myself writing a class description for a class called "Putting Your Self First."

Someone from the class that just finished--"Becoming Your Self" (there it is again!)--suggested that using the word "honor" in conjunction with Self would be helpful. She was right. Ever since she said that, I have been feeling that the concept of honoring the Self is the direction I'm going. (By the way, the Self is the highest vibrational You--your Spirit with an Earth-suit on.)

I think this may be what is developing from my intention to help us recover trust in our innate wisdom that I talked about in my blog entry "
We can trust ourselves" from November 11, 2007. I never figured out how that was going to look, but it seems my Self has a plan and is guiding me gently to fulfill it!

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