Fortune smiles on my "new" office

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Well, even in Easy World, Rick and I weren't able to get the new bookcases into my office--too much bookcase, not enough door or maneuverability in our very tight hallway. We'll have to deconstruct them and we're waiting till our very handy neighbor, Jesse, returns from his family vacation to California. He's an engineer and an avid do-it-yourselfer, so we're hoping he'll have a line on how to take the bookcases apart with the least amount of impact to them and get them in the office, reassembled, good as new.

BUT, my new desk is in, and the old one, amazingly, fits at the back of it like it was made to. It's snugged up under the big desk's overhang, which is very handy as I needed a place to put my laptop's docking station and other equipment. There's even room left over so that someone else can work at that desk. I'm hoping Rick will join me from time to time with his laptop. I'm loving the change, and even though I'm sitting in almost the same position in the room, it kind of feels like a new place.

I got the drawers from the old desk sorted through, and transferred whatever was still useful to the new desk drawers. Lordy--I can hardly believe some of the stuff that has been in there for close to forever! Business cards and scraps of paper with people's names and numbers I have no recollection of at all. Soon after I moved to Denver, I revived my freelance copywriting business, and got involved with the Denver Chamber of Commerce. I joined a very active leads group, which I attended quite regularly for about a year, and did a lot of other Chamber activities as well. I collected a lot of cards, many of which were still in my drawer. But the last involvement I had with it was 1999, and I quit the copywriting business not long after to pursue being a fulltime author and spiritual teacher. Time to let that old stuff go. Okay--probably past time!

I do believe that clearing out all this old stuff and organizing what's left is making way for the new energy that is coming in and has been expanding quite palpably. After reading Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston years ago and having a remarkable increase in prosperity from clearing out stuff, I know the power of it. I already feel more prosperous and in command, not to mention, more adult, with the larger desk. In addition to about $15 worth of old stamps of various denominations (even some 22-centers that were first class postage long ago!), I found a little bit of money--a little more than $3, and miscellaneous interesting stuff. But the most fun things I found were a bunch of Chinese fortune-cookie fortunes I'd stashed in my drawer (I love them as divination tools, and stash them here and there to find when I need a shot of encouragement), and they said what I was feeling:

  • The fun is just beginning, take it as it comes.
  • You will be unusually successful in business.
  • An unexpected wealth is waiting for you.
  • Your luck has been completely changed today.
  • You will travel far and wide for both business and pleasure..

--and, perhaps, my favorite, as I wait to hear which publishers are interested in my Easy World book--

  • Your talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded.
Now--aren't those just the perfect affirmations to receive upon going through all that junk, jettisoning various tethers to my old life, and setting new priorities for my space as I prepare for new adventures!?

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