Sweet Julie is a happy little girl

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I've had BIG fun the last few days. Without revealing more than I need to about someone else's project, I've agreed to do some artwork (paid, but not till the project is finished and it sells) for a friend, and the request from her came at such a synchronous time! As I was finishing up sorting through yet another pile of papers, I found something that Sweet Julie (my inner child, so named long ago by Mary Mooney in a therapy session) had written in her own handwriting (non-dominant hand).

I had asked SJ what she needed to get behind me and allow my career to advance because I had already discovered that her fear was trying to hold me back. So, with the method I used to teach many years ago for inner child communication, I had her express her needs by using my non-dominant hand to allow her to write. Two things on Sweet Julie's list of "demands" were "creativity" and "color." So when my friend brought this project up, I knew it was a divine gift! And I've been consumed with it for the last 36 hours. I LOVE playing with color more than just about anything, and it's been awhile.

Here is one of the "paintings" I've made that I'm pretty sure will not be used for her project. (The ones for the project are softer and more abstract). It was made by using a photograph I took of a rose ("Disneyland"), and manipulating it with PhotoShop. It is every bit as much fun as painting, without the mess. And if you make a stroke you don't like, you just click "Edit," and "Undo"!

Disneylanddissm.jpgBy the way, if you want to dialog with your own inner child to see what's up under the surface, you might want to visit my inner child resource page for instructions on how to do it.

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Peggy said:

Does your inner child eat granola and tofu??

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