Different, yes. And I like it!

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My dear, departed mother used to say that she'd get all caught up mine and my sisters' melodramas, which we'd convey with great emotion and dire proclamations and then when she'd call us back the next day to see how we were doing, we'd have to ask her to remind us what she was talking about as we'd long since moved on! I feel like some of you may be feeling that way after reading my last melodramatic blog entry!

I doubt it will surprise you when I tell you I've long since moved on from my moment of cringe-worthy smallness, and that I am back to mySelf once more. When Rick came home, I felt so very peaceful after my frequency-raising activities, and he seemed to have taken on a level of peace I'd never before experienced in him and we had a lovely reunion. So yes--in answer to the question I was asking in the midst of my angst, things are different--and better! He is still totally devoted, and apologized for not clarifying about the time he spent with the woman from his group to whom he'd given a ride to the airport--he said he'd spent most of the hour they talked telling her about me and Easy World!

Sometimes I can be quite the doofus. But hey--can't we all?!

Last night I signed the contract with the big New York publisher--all 5 copies--and we got them off in the mail. I'm now officially and legally committed to turning in a polished manuscript of 60,000 words by January 2, 2009. (As soon as I get a copy back of the contract signed by them, I'll make my big announcement.) So if I'm not quite as prolific on the blog as usual for the next 3 months, you'll know why.

I'm really enjoying the writing--as long as I stay in Easy World with it, of course. Everytime I start to stress over it at all, it feels HORRIBLE, so I'm training myself to practice what I preach about it. And I was, literally "preaching" about the value of lower-energy activities in EW today, so I got the chance to test it out.

I had a couple of times when I hit the wall with the writing this afternoon, and instead of freaking out about it, I briefly spent valuable regeneration time puttering out in the garden the first time it happened, and then was inspired to take a short nap the second time--very important EW activities! Both times, I woke up raring to go again with fresh energy and ideas. I do love that napping is a way to get a lot done in Easy World!

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