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Marjorie Colbert is the winner of the drawing for the free half-hour attunement session with me, drawn from those who bought Recreating Eden during our Spring sale. Congrats, Marjorie! Let's set up a time.

Apologies for not having made a blog entry lately. I've simply been uninspired in this way of late, and I'm observing the Easy World rule of no action unless inspired and energized!

Since I don't have anything very exciting to share other than the winner of the 1/2 hour session, I'm going to point you to my friend Venus Andrecht's blog again. I found her latest to be hysterical: A Cheery Day With Venus Enjoy!

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Michelle S. said:

Congratulations to Marjorie, hooray! Best wishes for a wonderful session for you both!

Hey Julia, I know this has nothing to do with your blog entry, but I'm still learning my way around Twitter and haven't yet figured out how to directly reply to someone. SO: when I read about the delicious English muffin sandwich you made, it sounded SO good that I went out and bought the ingredients to make a similar one for myself. Ohhhh, it was Sooooooooooo good! Exactly what I wanted right at the moment.. Thanks for the inspiration!

Julia said:

You are welcome! It is a yummy thing, indeed. For those who didn't see my tweet, it was an Ezekiel English muffin, goat cheese, pesto, sundried tomato paste topped with toasted pine nuts. Really, really yummy!

I have only ever replied to someone on Twitter using TweetDeck which makes it really EASY, but it has something to do with using the @ and the person's Twitter name. There must be something else required to, but not sure. Just download TwitterDeck--it's free and easy and I love it. It's ugly in it's default, but once you've downloaded and installed it, you can change the colors. Mine's a beautiful turquoise and green affair!

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