Speaking of Motown 25...

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I remember watching this live. Michael didn't want to do the Jackson 5 numbers (Part I), but Berry Gordy talked him into by letting Michael to do Billie Jean as a solo (Part II). Michael chose the occasion to introduce a radical new dance style, including the now-ubiquitous "Moon Walk."

It was absolutely stunning, and even then, I knew I was a witness to history. I was not unique in this--I believe most everyone who saw it knew. It may be the most electrifying performance of all time--certainly the most electrifying *I* have ever watched. Imagine that you had never seen Michael Jackson do any of these moves before--or anything like them--that you'd never seen anyone do moves like this--and you'll have a sense of the jaw-dropping magnitude of the event. He had invented a whole new dance vocabulary. Genius.

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