Today in the garden: Garden Deva

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I knew I was shooting into the light when I took this but it looked nothing at all like this through the view finder, and certainly not purple! I can only surmise that it's the deva of the Garden wanting to be seen. (Be sure to click on the photo to see a larger version.)

Happy Place purple light nlgcr.jpg

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Dannion Brinkley recently said that digital bleed throughs will be happening more frequently and they represent communication from beings from other realms-- and I think this is what you captured in your picture!!!

What ever it is, it sure is beautiful!!

sriram said:

wow super great hard work

Julia said:

Thanks, Kate and Sriram!

Dannion's theory is interesting--maybe that's what it is!

It occurs to me that it doesn't matter--that whatever it is inspires me to feel magic is powerful in itself!

And, Sriram--not so much hard work as devotion!

Oh, I'm sure that some expert on digital photography can "explain" precisely what "caused" this to happen to the image, but does it really matter what it is? It's a wondrously beautiful photograph and it can be - wait for it - ANYTHING YOU WANT! After all, it's just some pixels on the screen, right? Why do we have to know "what it is" or "how it happened"?

It's beautiful, it made me and many others smile, and it's just plain cool and interesting, so hooray for pictures with interesting purple flame-like shapes in them.

That's what I think, anyway. ;)

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