Divine timing--it just makes sense to trust it!

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Alright. I said I was going to update you on things in my life so here goes. I won't get to it all, but I'll tell you of my visit with Donna and the magical aspects of it at least!

June 25 (the day Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died), my buddy, Donna Michael, whom I've talked about many times on this blog, came to Denver from Nashville for her annual visit and INATS (International New Age Trade Show) . This year, instead of  hanging around town, spending time in my garden as we often do, I decided to take her to Golden to Bridgewater Grill (scene of the infamous kidnapping by my husband back in 2005 and, prior to that, our fun discovery in 2004) for lunch. I'd thought maybe from there, we'd go on to Idaho Springs to the little coffee shop we like there. It had been awhile since I'd been out and about and  the expedition sounded like fun.

So, I picked her up at the airport with ease (we've got this routine down after so many years!), and headed west on I-70 to Golden. Coming toward us was a line of storms, and I wondered briefly if it even made sense to go. We've had a Spring and Summer of cool, wet, sometimes violent weather, and I was not eager to be on the Interstate in a severe thunderstorm. Storms have the tendency to really freak me out, especially when driving. But something told me to just press on, and we never really got into any stormy weather at all, though it stayed overcast as we ate our lunch outdoors on the fabulous patio overlooking the river (or is it a creek? I'm not sure!).

It was a lovely time and the setting was perfect. The only blemish was that I got a call from Rick just about the time we were finishing up with lunch with distressing news. The storms that had passed us by on the road had dumped a huge amount of rain and bb-sized hail at our house, and Rick had wanted me to be prepared for what I was going to find. He described it by saying "It looks like a rose bomb went off in the yard." Needless to say, I was not pleased that the garden had been attacked, but what was there to do? So I shrugged it off and took a deep breath and focused on the moment and the fun time we were having.

By the time Donna and I got all caught up on what each other had been up to, it was too late to go to Idaho Springs. My goal was to have a maximum amount of fun and togetherness while still dropping her off at her hotel, way the heck and gone from our house, in time to miss some of the usually horrendous rush-hour traffic on Interstate 25, the only sane route home from where she was staying. So, we spotted a little European-style cafe across from the restaurant and just decided to have a little dessert and coffee / tea there.

We split a tiramisu crepe that was fabulous, the little cafe was delightful, and by the time we were done, we were realizing that the window of opportunity for avoiding the intense traffic was closed and we were gently kicking ourselves for leaving Golden so late. When she asked to stop at the grocery store so she could get some fruit and such, I didn't hesitate as I knew we were in for traffic either way and I wanted her to have what she needed. (Yes--I did need to choose Easy World! And I did--over and over!)

Not wanting to stress my knees, which had been challenging me, I let her go on in and I waited in the car. I waited and waited and talked to Rick on the phone and waited and waited. "What the heck is she doing in the store?" I wondered. When she finally came out, she described having to traverse the store 4 times to find what she needed, and commented that it was strange. Then, she had gotten behind someone in line who had multiple issues that delayed her checkout.

So we were far later leaving Golden than planned and I prepared myself for the traffic. Oddly, however, we made the half-hour trip from there to her hotel with ease, I dropped her off, contemplated stopping at the gas station but decided against it, hit I-25 South, and even though there was some slow going, it was not bad at all. Just as I reached my exit and escaped the highway, all the lanes going South stopped, and the skies opened up again. Rain was coming down in mighty torrents and visibility was severely diminished. I managed to cover the last couple miles to home through neighborhoods going very, very slowly and with my wipers going full blast. I was shocked when I came within a few blocks of my house to see what looked exactly like the dregs of a Spring snowstorm on the north sides of houses! It was hail, piled up six inches high in places!

I just barely made it into the house before the lightning started and before it was pouring too hard to get out of the car. Rick told me that this was the 4th round of storms for the day, and that the earlier ones had been the worst he'd ever experienced in 40 years of living here! (Have I told you that I really, really do not like storms?) He said the neighborhood roads had been flooded and had been impassable for much of the afternoon. That was backed up by the video I was seeing on the news of an intersection only 2 blocks from our house where cars were submerged in water up above their wheel wells, and another intersection that had been flooded earlier in the day that I had just minutes before passed through! I had somehow managed to hit the one window of time that would have gotten me safely and easily home that afternoon! If I had been an hour earlier or a few minutes later, it would have been a hero's journey to make it home. As it was, it was only slightly inconvenient.

Let's just say it gave me a new appreciation for trusting Divine Timing and for my Higher Self, who knew not only how to arrange the timing, but guided me to the best place for me to have a lovely, mostly Easy World-day and not have to go through the storms and watch my garden annihilated (And, yes, it was.) I won't dwell on the sad details, but it was quite a disaster area. Since that day, we've had several more bouts of damaging hail, so my garden is not its usual glorious self, but it's healing, and I'm just grateful it's still alive! And that I am, too!

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