The Path of Least Resistance

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Who says that taking the path of least resistance is the lazy way through life? The Difficult World Dictator, that's who!

Gate sm.jpgWhen did the notion of going in the direction of open gates and open doors become less heroic and praiseworthy than battering down closed ones?

The more I view society from what I now understand about Easy World, the more I realize we've been had. And not by somebody else, but our own ego-minds in agreement with the collective ego-mind formed by all the other egos that have ever dictated human thought and behavior.

The harder something is, the more worthwhile; the more valid? I don't think so!

What if the path of least resistance is the path being provided by Spirit? What if those doors are open for a reason? What if they are your invitation to your highest possibilities? What if you're keeping yourself from the treasure to which the path leads by thinking the path is not worthy because it is easy?

And, what if the closed doors are closed because there's a truer way to go--a way that is open and clear--and you miss that way while you're busy procuring the battering ram and trying to muster the strength to knock that door down?

Does this sound like blasphemy to you? I understand. We've been trained--brainwashed--to think in terms of struggle as being noble, valuable, and indicative of our integrity. And of the most valuable things being kept from us by closed doors. But what if that is a lie to keep us from fulfillment and joy?

Sure, somewhere along the line, we've signed up for adventures in
duality--in Difficult World--but if you're feeling the call, as so many of us are, to align with the Design for Harmony so as to experience greater ease and joy, it may just be your time to reconsider some of the many deceptions the DWD has perpetuated. A really powerful one to start with is this notion that the path of least resistance is anything but a divine gift to be relished and used, and the very indicator of what is true for you.

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Francesca said:

It's amazing how many lies we have bought into for so long. Thank God our eyes are finally opening to the Truth!

Julia said:

Yes--the Light is dawning and we can see more clearly as we rise in frequency!

Exciting, liberating times!

Thanks for stopping by, Francesca.



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