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Try Jah Love

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In the early 1980s, as I was just undergoing the profound spiritual awakening I tell about in the Introduction to Recreating Eden, this song was ascending the pop charts, and even in Japan where I was living, it became a big hit. The first time I listened to the words, I cried tears of joy.

What really gets to me is the line, "And all I ask of you is that you love as I do." Exactly. That's the whole thing. That's the key to ascension--the path to Paradise--the way to heaven!

I still cry joyful tears most every time I listen. I was listening to it yesterday and was so moved, I decided I need to share it with you. (Simply disregard the terms "sinful" and "evil" if they don't fit your views.) This is a powerful song. It's great dance music, very uplifting, and definitely worth downloading from the iTunes Store (or your favorite music vendor) if you can. Be sure to note who composed the music and co-wrote the song.

Oh--and a little aside: When some friends and I were leaving a Tokyo disco one Saturday night, we encountered several very large and very charismatic Rastafarians, whom we learned were members of Third World, the reggae band who made this song a hit. I thought *I* stood out in Japan, being almost 5' 10" and blond, but compared to these larger-than-life, radiant Rastas with their major dreadlocks, I barely rated a second glance!

Third World - Try Jah Love Lyrics
Album: You've Got the Power

Music by Stevie Wonder
Lyrics by Stevie Wonder and Melody A. McCully

A lonely soul was I without direction
I didn't know which way that I had to go
I sought the clues to life's unanswered
My mind's heart had to know

I heard you call while wandering through
the darkness
I'd walk a million miles to find that endless
That speaks to me when I am in temptation
Echoing my choice

Then you said, "Seek ye shall find
I've been with you through all time"

(Chorus "A")
"And if you're thirsty I will quench you
With my love
And if you're hungry I will feed you
With my word
And all I ask of you is that you love as I do'

(Chorus "B")
"And if you lose your way I'll lead you
To my love
From a sinful life I'll cleanse you
In my love
For creation bears a witness of my love"
(Repeat once)

I know that
(Chorus "C")
You should know it's time for the world to
(Try Jah Love)

The only love that can bring peace is
(Jah, Jah Love)
So won't you try, try, try, try, try, try, try
Jah Love

I know that
Without it there'd be no tomorrow (Try Jah Love)
Who lifts broken hearts up from sorrow
(Try Jah Love)

So won't you try, try, try, try, try, try Jah Love

I know that
(Chorus "C" -repeat once)

You know that
(Chorus "C" -repeat once)
(Guitar Solo)

A timeless thought a touch of close encounter
Your love embraced me and took over my life
And now I'm new your strength has made me
Change my ways from wrong to right

Please Father please this world we live
has faltered
Deliver us from all this evil and pain
God Bless the heart that loves unto his brother
Praising out your Name

Then he said, "Be not Afraid
Those who believe I will save"

(Chorus "A" -repeat)

I wonder
When will the world wake up and start to
(Try Jah Love)
People have to make up their mind to
(Jah, Jah Love)
So won't you try, try, try, try, try, try Jah Love

I know that
Once you begin you won't regret you
(Try Jah Love)
The ultimate life satisfaction (Jah, Jah Love)
So won't you try, try, try, try, try, try Jah Love

You know that
There's no excuse for no one not to
(Try Jah Love)
You'll be grateful you let inside you
(Jah, Jah Love)
So won't you try, try, try, try, try, try Jah Love

I know that
But Right is the only reason to (Try Jah Love)
The key to inner satisfaction (Jah, Jah Love)
So won't you try, try, try, try, try, try Jah Love

Try Jah Love
Jah,Jah Love

Try, try, try, try, try, try Jah Love

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Last night, as I watched one of our two remaining elderly pet mice struggling to return to the sock hideout where she seems most comfortable, in what appear to be her last days, I found myself crying and feeling really bad for her.

"Knock it off," my inner voice said. "You do not do her any favors by feeling bad for her. She's not a victim--she's having her own experience of being God in mouse form in the reality matrix called duality."

But it felt good to me--a relief, at least--to allow myself, if only for a moment to have those feelings and shed those tears. Her struggles weren't alleviated by my having them, but perhaps my own were. Resisting Difficult World only puts you deeper in Difficult World! And wallowing in it beyond the point where the energy is released does the same thing. Pay attention to where you are in your process to know whether you're in resistance or non-resistance as it can flip in a nano-second. Non-resistance is the key to higher frequency.

As human beings, with the capacity for compassion and empathy, we do walk a fine line between allowing ourselves to relieve the stress that builds up as we spend time in Difficult World, triggered by what we see in the mirror of our surroundings, and maintaining our confidence in the Divine Order of it all. Because even when we don't understand it, all that occurs really is in Divine Order. When we fall into the trap of seeing what is happening as wrong, we ensure that we are more ensconced in Difficult World than ever. And when you're in Difficult World, you can be sure that difficulty and pain will be there with you.

So, after indulging for a moment in feeling sorry for Nettie (the mouse), I realized that, indeed, I was not helping her or myself beyond my release of built-up energy that flowed out in my tears and my temporary indulgence in victimhood. To empower the situtation, I needed to be clear so I could do what is needed.

As I thought about this, I thought, too, about the earthquake in Haiti, and I realized that feeling bad about it and empathizing with the people who are involved at close range is of no value beyond releasing my own stress and being non-resistant. It surely doesn't help them.

You might say, "Well, those feelings might motivate you to do something in a practical sense to help."

Yes--but remember, your wisdom and access to divine guidance is available at higher vibrational frequency, not lower. So, after releasing the sad energy, the way to assure that what you do to help is in alignment with the Design for Harmony, re-affirming Divine Order and moving back to higher vibrational frequency is the way to assure that your actions will be of the highest possible service. Radiating Love is the most potent thing you can do, and being caught up in painful feelings doesn't allow you to do that effectively.

If you haven't yet donated to helping the people of Haiti, consider Partners In Health, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been in Haiti for 2 decades and is staffed mostly by Haitians.

Stand With Haiti

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I've returned--sort of

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I've been home since very late Friday night, but I'm not sure all of me has been! Two intense days of travel really knocked me back a ways, but I'm finally catching up with myself again, though I still feel part of me is somewhere over Kansas, if not the Atlantic!

I left Marbella headed to the airport in Malaga early Thursday morning in the dark and the pouring rain, but thankfully, I had a wonderful taxi driver who is the brother of someone who works at the clinic and he was very helpful and kept me from getting soaked. What might have been a tense ride in the deluge was made pleasant because of his extreme care in driving and his kind assistance. He even went into the terminal and got a wheelchair for me and brought my bags in and stayed with me till I was all checked in. What a nice guy--just like everyone associated with the clinic--in fact, almost everyone in Spain from my experience! Love the Spanish people. So great..

The flight from Marbella to Madrid was delayed due to lightning--they needed to refuel and couldn't with the lighning so close, so I did my best to stay in Easy World and not worry about missing my flight from Madrid to NYC, and sure enough, making a long story short, I made it just in the nick of time, thank goodness. The flight across the ocean was uneventful, and I sat next to a lovely young Spanish woman who was headed to NYC for a week of sightseeing with friends. She'd never been to the US, so it was really fun to talk to her about her plans.

Once in NYC, I had good help with bags and such and Customs did not even look at a single thing I brought in which was a wise call since I didn't buy anything at all. While I'd usually find this on the edge of offensive, my heart was warmed when the immigration control guy, in his Queens accent, said, "Welcome home, sweetheart" after checking my passport. As much as I enjoyed being in Spain, it was good to be home.

I was totally wiped out once I got to my hotel--a nice boutique hotel in Manhattan (the Affinia Dumont in Murray Hill)--and  was surprised and delighted to discover that they had the exact same high thread count cotton linens and down comforter as I'd had at the clinic! Really, really nice. And they have a pillow menu, so they had my pillow selections on the bed. It was a lovely night's sleep. Their staff was aces, too.They were all just wonderful.

On Friday, I met with the marketing and publicity folks from St. Martin's Press for a yummy Indian lunch at Tabla. They were all awesome. The four of us had a lively conversation and they are very much into Easy World! The head of marketing even told us his own EW story he believes came about as the result of reading the book when it happened. Love that! It is very encouraging that the folks in charge of getting the word out about Choosing Easy World "get" Easy World and understand the power of the book itself to cause a reality shift for its readers! They have some great plans for marketing CEW--yay!

After lunch, I headed back to the hotel where a car and driver had been ordered to take me to La Guardia so I'd be sure to have assistance with my stuff, etc. Worked out great. I got there very early out of an abundance of caution, so there was a lot of sitting and waiting. Finally, almost 3 hours later, my flight left for Dallas, and then after that, I got a flight to Denver. I kept choosing Easy World for sure because the flight to Denver was the last one of the night and by this time, I did NOT wish to spend the night away from home again! But things went as smoothly as can be, and I got to the baggage carousel in Denver around 11:00 and home just before midnight.

I was thrilled that stepdaughter #3 and her boyfriend had also come, so I not only had Rick waiting, but a lovely surprise!

Wasn't planning such a long description of my trip home, but there it is anyway! Oh--one of the main things that has made my re-entry such a challenge is that I was really, really hungry, and made the mistake of eating some airline food on the way (a lot of stuff I really am not to eat like bread, cheese and sugar) and with my system all cleared out as it was, it did not serve me well at all (aching joints, weakness, general yuck), so I'm still recovering from that and the trip itself, but as I said, I'm coming around! I'm eating lots of fruit and drinking green smoothies (kale & banana, primarily) and no animal products and just generally taking care of myself. It's been a little discouraging after having been in such fine shape when I left the clinic to be feeling less than great now, but I'm devoted to getting back to feeling fine and SOON!

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Mixed feelings

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I find myself in a strange space this morning. I don't mean the clinic--it's not strange at all. It's become home to me. Not, obviously, my primary home, but a place that is now so familiar as to feel like home--the sights, the sounds, the nurturing, the atmosphere. That's really one of the roots of the strange feeling, I believe. Tomorrow is my last full day here, and I leave early a.m. Thursday for NYC and then Denver after an overnight in Manhattan. I'm so ready to leave, and yet, I never want to leave!

I've accomplished so much here. I've dropped a lot of my excess baggage, both body weight, a lot of pain, and just miscellaneous accumulated emotional "stuff" that came with me. But I feel I still have a long way to go. So it's not just the familiarity that has me sad to leave, it's the feeling that if I'd had more time here out of the stream of my everyday life--more time to fast and heal--perhaps....

I find myself wanting to judge and blame myself for not getting more done while here: more healing, more weightloss, more clarifying, more appreciating, and on and on. I spent the first 2 weeks here in a fog, and I seem to want to punish myself for not being more present. But I know that's just the Difficult World Dictator doing his best to detract from what I have experienced and accomplished here and what I'll experience in the next couple of days. I haven't left yet!

I know it will be wonderful to see Rick and the dogs again. Rick has been a trooper, but he is not eager to have me stay away this long again anytime soon! And neither will the pups be. I will be so happy for Roly, especially, to see me. As a rescue dog who got passed around a lot as a puppy, he especially doesn't like it when the status quo at home is disturbed. Heck, he doesn't even like it when I go to the bathroom and shut the door! (I don't know where he thinks the secret escape route is in my bathroom, but seems he's always afraid I'll use it!) Rick's been telling him what's going on all along, "She's coming home--just not today," but I don't know if he's received the message!

Anyway, I'll be leaving from the Malaga Airport going to Madrid, where I'll board a plane for NYC. I have a layover there Thurs. night and then Friday, I'll have lunch with Tara Cibelli of St. Martin's Press, who is the marketing manager for Choosing Easy World, before heading to Denver, via Dallas. It's kind of a protracted journey back, but perhaps the Universe just knows that a gradual re-entry will be most effective.

I'll be posting photos from here once I get home. I've been taking pictures, but the software on my computer is for our newer camera and I have the old one, so haven't been able to upload. Till then...

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