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Last night, as I watched one of our two remaining elderly pet mice struggling to return to the sock hideout where she seems most comfortable, in what appear to be her last days, I found myself crying and feeling really bad for her.

"Knock it off," my inner voice said. "You do not do her any favors by feeling bad for her. She's not a victim--she's having her own experience of being God in mouse form in the reality matrix called duality."

But it felt good to me--a relief, at least--to allow myself, if only for a moment to have those feelings and shed those tears. Her struggles weren't alleviated by my having them, but perhaps my own were. Resisting Difficult World only puts you deeper in Difficult World! And wallowing in it beyond the point where the energy is released does the same thing. Pay attention to where you are in your process to know whether you're in resistance or non-resistance as it can flip in a nano-second. Non-resistance is the key to higher frequency.

As human beings, with the capacity for compassion and empathy, we do walk a fine line between allowing ourselves to relieve the stress that builds up as we spend time in Difficult World, triggered by what we see in the mirror of our surroundings, and maintaining our confidence in the Divine Order of it all. Because even when we don't understand it, all that occurs really is in Divine Order. When we fall into the trap of seeing what is happening as wrong, we ensure that we are more ensconced in Difficult World than ever. And when you're in Difficult World, you can be sure that difficulty and pain will be there with you.

So, after indulging for a moment in feeling sorry for Nettie (the mouse), I realized that, indeed, I was not helping her or myself beyond my release of built-up energy that flowed out in my tears and my temporary indulgence in victimhood. To empower the situtation, I needed to be clear so I could do what is needed.

As I thought about this, I thought, too, about the earthquake in Haiti, and I realized that feeling bad about it and empathizing with the people who are involved at close range is of no value beyond releasing my own stress and being non-resistant. It surely doesn't help them.

You might say, "Well, those feelings might motivate you to do something in a practical sense to help."

Yes--but remember, your wisdom and access to divine guidance is available at higher vibrational frequency, not lower. So, after releasing the sad energy, the way to assure that what you do to help is in alignment with the Design for Harmony, re-affirming Divine Order and moving back to higher vibrational frequency is the way to assure that your actions will be of the highest possible service. Radiating Love is the most potent thing you can do, and being caught up in painful feelings doesn't allow you to do that effectively.

If you haven't yet donated to helping the people of Haiti, consider Partners In Health, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been in Haiti for 2 decades and is staffed mostly by Haitians.

Stand With Haiti

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I'm sorry to hear about your mouse. I just lost a pet mouse, and I was very deeply grieved for a while. Her death touched on a lot of "other issues" and I had to get them all out, so I just let myself feel the pain and grief, and then I let it - and her - go.

I appreciate what you mean about not giving in to victimhood, even vicariously. This is one of the things I'm really coming to understand. That little mouse was, indeed, God being a mouse who became my pet, just as I am God being me who had a relationship with that mouse, and all the people of Haiti are God being Haitians who have experienced a terrible earthquake.

That's not to say we shouldn't care or help. Rather the opposite. But the victimhood (ours or anyone else's) just gets in the way of the flow of compassion, love, and healing.

Thank you for your post. It helped me to crystalise my understanding.

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