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I am quite sure that my Spirit had me write Choosing Easy World in part because I need to read it more than anyone else! And so I am!  I've been going over, for the 2nd time in a week, what they call the "first pass pages," which are the initial version of the typeset pages of the book. I just realized that I must have read this book 40 times all the way through by now--and that only includes since I finished writing it, not the many times I went over the sections as I was writing.

By the time you folks read it, I will have read it many more times, as I will be checking over the subsequent typeset versions, combing through, as I am now, to find any errors. You can't just scan over it, you have to really concentrate on it to be sure to pick up things that are not so obvious like little weird typos or odd inclusions and such.

The cool thing is that reading it really immerses one in Easy World. That hasn't just been the case for me, but even the St. Martin's marketing director reported his own EW story that he believes happened just from reading it. While he was reading it through, something worked out for him that everyone involved had said would be difficult, but like magic, it just straightened itself out. He said he hadn't deliberately invoked Easy World, so figures the most likely reason it happened was simply because he'd been reading the book.

I just handed off a bunch of the pages that I've finished going over this round to Rick to go over and he's gone over the book almost as many times as I have, so I'm not the only one benefiting from this process. I won't rush through it because it's too important for that, but I am eager to get it all done so that things can move ahead. I want you to be able to read it and reap the benefits of being "inside the book"!

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