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The Times They Are A-Changin'

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After pronouncement.jpgToday is a day I have visualized for more than 12 years: the day that Claire, the youngest of my 4 darling stepdaughters, graduated from high school. Over the 12 years, there have been times it seemed like today might never come. For a variety of reasons, I was not always sure it would. But come, it did, and now all 4 of the Hamrick girls have reached--and passed--the age of 18, have received their high school diplomas (indeed, 2 of them have their college diplomas) and have moved on to other, more-adult, endeavors.

I feel that I graduated today, too. I experienced the ceremony--the 4th one of its ilk I've attended at Cherry Creek High School--as something very personal. When the talented senior girl sang Bob Dylan's anthem, "The Times They Are A-Changin," I felt she was summing up my own experience as much as the kids'. Why was this commencement more significant than the 3 that preceded it? Because Claire's graduation marks the end of my official commitment to being in Denver, a place that I have not felt totally at home. When the girls' dad and I decided to be together, there was no question that we'd need to be here. His young daughters needed him. Claire was just 5 at the time. So, even though Denver is on my Pluto line and I'd been warned away because of the difficulties that entails, I threw caution to the wind and moved here. I don't regret it, but it hasn't always been a picnic. As the astrologers I consulted about it told me, your Pluto line is a place for radical transformation, and, indeed, I have become a different person than the one who moved here. I am grateful for that.

So, when I committed to coming here, I promised to live here, come what may, till Claire moved the tassel on her mortarboard from right to left. In my visualization, the moving van would be idling in the parking lot during the graduation ceremony and we'd escape in it the minute that happened! Such have been the challenges of living on my Pluto line.

We're not packed and we've no concrete plan for moving--at least, not right now. But I do have the distinct sense that I have graduated, too, and that my options are open--something that always appeals to an ENFP-type like me! I feel free. Now, to see what the Universe has in store to reflect that new feeling of inner liberation! I love an adventure.

Julia Claire Rick sm.jpg
The proud graduate, her dad and I

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What a way to start the day!

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This girl really knows how to start her day! I dare you to watch this and not feel the energy rising.

No--I take that back. I dare you to go to your bathroom and do your own version of this!

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Things are on the move as we get closer to the launch of Choosing Easy World August 3rd. SO many cool plans afoot and
most of them not quite ready to be shared yet. But I do want to tell you about something cool that happened Friday morning...

I got a phone call out of the blue from a woman identifying herself as Constance Arnold. She told me she has one of the top Law of Attraction-based shows on BlogTalk Radio called "Think Believe and Manifest." She said she interviews all the luminaries like Michael Beckwith, Marci Shimoff, Jack Canfield and so on (I will admit that my ego started puffing up a little). She said she'd been told by Spirit that there were a lot of unknown teachers out there with powerful messages and to interview some of them, so she set about finding some. Turns out mine was the only website out of 10 she looked at that included a phone number! (Ego deflating at this point--but Spirit leaping up!) So she called me. Hey--whatever it takes to make the connection. I really loved that she stated very plainly that she followed her Spirit. My kinda gal!

As it happened, I'd only been awake for a few minutes after a late night over in Boulder watching Stepdaugher #3 receive her degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado.
Allison grad w J R E.jpg When Constance politely inquired as to how I was doing, the compulsively honest being that I am told her I was pretty fuzzy headed and not wide awake yet. Geez. She was only being polite. Did I really need to tell her I was not awake? (Note to self: Please don't be so forthcoming when Oprah calls!) Fortunately, she was undaunted and after asking if it would be better if she called back later and me saying I was fine to talk then, our conversation proceeded and I think I managed to be at least semi-lucid. After a brief exchange, she invited me to be her guest on her show next Sunday, May 16. (So I guess I did okay!)  I'll post more details when I get them, but I'm sure if you look next week, it will be promo-ed on her radio page. I hope you'll tune in!

What's notable about this is that I recently informed the Universe that I'm truly ready--at last--to "play with the big kids." The response was pretty immediate. The first thing that happened is that Gay Hendricks sent me a Facebook message asking if I'd like for him to interview me about Easy World for his students because he thinks they need to know about it. Said he appreciates Choosing Easy World even more now than when he read it last summer when I requested an endorsement from him. (He gave a really cool endorsement, too! You can click on the book title to see it!) And then Constance called. It will be interesting to see what else emerges from my request for "playing varsity" instead of "junior varsity" as I've been doing for so long!

Today, Sunday, May 9, is not just Mother's Day (Happy Mother's Day all you happy mothers!), it's "Blog Jog" day. Here's the scoop on that. After you finish reading here on my blog, you can continue on to the next blog on the circuit. That happens to be and you'll find a link to the next blog on the circuit once you get to her blog and so on. If at any point you would like to go to the main Blog Jog page, you can click here:

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