The Times They Are A-Changin'

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After pronouncement.jpgToday is a day I have visualized for more than 12 years: the day that Claire, the youngest of my 4 darling stepdaughters, graduated from high school. Over the 12 years, there have been times it seemed like today might never come. For a variety of reasons, I was not always sure it would. But come, it did, and now all 4 of the Hamrick girls have reached--and passed--the age of 18, have received their high school diplomas (indeed, 2 of them have their college diplomas) and have moved on to other, more-adult, endeavors.

I feel that I graduated today, too. I experienced the ceremony--the 4th one of its ilk I've attended at Cherry Creek High School--as something very personal. When the talented senior girl sang Bob Dylan's anthem, "The Times They Are A-Changin," I felt she was summing up my own experience as much as the kids'. Why was this commencement more significant than the 3 that preceded it? Because Claire's graduation marks the end of my official commitment to being in Denver, a place that I have not felt totally at home. When the girls' dad and I decided to be together, there was no question that we'd need to be here. His young daughters needed him. Claire was just 5 at the time. So, even though Denver is on my Pluto line and I'd been warned away because of the difficulties that entails, I threw caution to the wind and moved here. I don't regret it, but it hasn't always been a picnic. As the astrologers I consulted about it told me, your Pluto line is a place for radical transformation, and, indeed, I have become a different person than the one who moved here. I am grateful for that.

So, when I committed to coming here, I promised to live here, come what may, till Claire moved the tassel on her mortarboard from right to left. In my visualization, the moving van would be idling in the parking lot during the graduation ceremony and we'd escape in it the minute that happened! Such have been the challenges of living on my Pluto line.

We're not packed and we've no concrete plan for moving--at least, not right now. But I do have the distinct sense that I have graduated, too, and that my options are open--something that always appeals to an ENFP-type like me! I feel free. Now, to see what the Universe has in store to reflect that new feeling of inner liberation! I love an adventure.

Julia Claire Rick sm.jpg
The proud graduate, her dad and I

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Jacqueline said:

Congratulations on your new opening, Julia! Surely, exciting things are in the air. :)

I wonder if all of Arizona is on my Pluto line!

Julia Author Profile Page said:

Thanks, Jacqueline!

As for Arizona, it's possible, based on what I know of your life experiences! Have you ever had a locational astrology reading done?

I am exactly, precisely on my Pluto IC line here and I figure if I can experience Easy World here, anyone can experience it anywhere!

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