Happy New Year!

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Happy 2011!

In the next 365 days (and beyond!), I wish you abundant experiences of:

Real, unqualified happiness

True friendship with yourself

Harmonious relationships with all in your world

Peace in your body and mind

Delight in waking to a new day

Magic, both "ordinary" and extraordinary

Childlike fun

Ease in all things

The knowing that Love is who you are

Let's create a banner year of wonder, joy and expansion!

In Joy,


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Jacqueline said:

What a wonderful blessing, Julia. I accept all of it and affirm the same for you!

Bea said:

Julia, thank you for your blessing on each of us for the upcoming year. Easy World has already made such a huge difference in my life. May you be blessed beyond measure. Love, Bea

Julia said:

My pleasure!

So happy to know that knowing about Easy World has made a difference!

Janice McCarter said:

Just found your site! Enjoyed your HAPPY NEW YEAR. I needed that. I worked with Rick for a while. I know that he is aware of how fortunate he is to have an inspirational person like you as his wife.
Welcome to the Carolinas!

Julia said:

Hi, Jan~ Nice to hear from you! Rick mentioned being in touch with your hubby in the last day or two and was very appreciative of his help!

As far as fortunate goes, I'm the fortunate one. I couldn't ask for a more loving, supportive husband!

Thanks for the welcome--it's great to be back!!!

xo Julia

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