Affirmations for doing business--joyfully--in Easy World

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I'm excited to be talking with Laura West's Business Goddess Attraction Marketing Program on Doing Business in Easy World this afternoon and I've come up with some empowering affirmations for them. If you're not one of Laura's goddesses, check out her Center for Joyful Business and see if her work is calling you. (It's definitely calling me!) Meantime, you can go ahead and use these affirmations for doing business in Easy World!

The Joyful Business Goddess' Affirmations for Success the Easy World Way

Of course, the main affirmation for doing business--or anything else--is:

"I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy."

But for reinforcement, here are some more (feel free to tailor them to be juicy for you):

Easy World is my place of business!

Because I choose to work in Easy World, all my work is joyful!

My actions are always fruitful because I take action only when I'm inspired and energized.

No matter whom or what I encounter in my work, I stay in Easy World.

My being in Easy World blesses everyone I do business with.

I experience harmonious, joyful, fulfilling business interactions in Easy World.

I attract inspiring, empowering, supportive business partners in Easy World.

I attract clients in Easy World who are receptive and appreciative of what I have to offer and who get huge benefits from our interactions.

Everything I need for a successful business is available to me in Easy World.

I truly prosper in Easy World.

I breathe, relax and allow Easy World to effortlessly organize all the perfect circumstances, events and people for brilliant success.

I can achieve anything my heart desires in Easy World.

I always remember to choose Easy World in every situation.

Can you think of some EW & business-specific ones that I didn't? Please share as a comment below!


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Dee said:

Just what I needed--thanks so much to you both!

Julia Author Profile Page said:

Happy to hear it, Dee! Thanks for chiming in!!!

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