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Signs and Wonders

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Years ago at my local Unity, I took an excellent workshop about asking for divine omens called "Signs and Wonders." Our workshop leader, Unity Minister and ball of fire, Edwene Gaines, advised us to request very specific signs within very specific time-frames.

For example, instead of saying, "If taking a trip to France next month is in alignment for me, show me a sign," you need to say, "If taking a trip to France next month is in alignment for me, then let me see 3 French flags while I'm out doing my errands today."

When you just ask for "a sign" you may not know it when you see it, or, you may wonder if the sign you think you got was really a sign at all! If you saw those 3 French flags while you were out on errands that day, you would
know, without doubt, you got a "yes" answer. (Of course, if you made an effort to drive by the French Embassy on your rounds, all bets are off! That would be ego-directed, rather than Spirit-directed.)

If however, instead of being specific, you just asked for a sign--any ol' sign--and a friend invited you to go to a French restaurant that night, you might wonder if that was truly a sign or just a "coincidence." Being specific and setting a time-frame is crucial.

Sometimes we hesitate to ask for--or make demands o
f--the Universe to be specific because it stretches our capacity to believe in that kind of "magic"--to believe that we can, indeed, have what we desire, including clear communication from Spirit. If we don't ask for something specific, then, we reason (maybe just at an unconscious level), we can't be disappointed if it doesn't show up. Oh, we of little faith!

Being non-specific also allows you to empower something you think could be a sign and decide it is one if your ego is invested in it being so--kind of like hedging your bets. That brings up the age-old dilemma of  trying to figure out  which communication is of Spirit, and which is of ego. But if you ask Spirit for a sign and make it specific and unquestionable, you will be able to be sure who presented it to you.

Asking for a sign and being firm about the form it takes is absolutely within our rights as creators and if you have unwavering faith, you'll be amazed at the way the Universe will arrange itself to present you with the answers you seek. Don't underestimate your Spirit's ability to give you exactly what you ask for! And to trust that if you don't get it, there is something even more desirable on the way--maybe just better timing for that trip, or maybe something else altogether.

I'm going to insert a disclaimer here. It's really only the doubtful ego that would feel the need to ask for a sign. When you're aligned with your Spirit, you know, without doubt, that your heart's desires are on their way in perfect Divine Timing and you don't need the reassurance of a sign. But since we're all subject to ego's doubts and fears, it's nice to know we can request--and get--a sign that things are all lined up for our heart's desires to be delivered.

Long ago, I asked the Universe for a sign that I would actually be getting something I thought was impossible and it was very creative in responding. If you have never read my story of the "red diamond," check out this oldie but goody: The Red Diamond

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