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I learned a grand lesson last night after working for over an hour on my blog entry for yesterday (notice there IS no blog entry for yesterday!): Never click a tab at the top of the page without saving what you’ve written first! So from now on, MS Word will receive the first drafts of my blogging!

Seems a pity, too, that what I wrote went into a black hole. I had some profound realizations to share but find that I no longer have the impetus to say them—at least not enough to write them all out again. I guess, based on that, they were better unshared! It did occur to me that some of the ideas were somewhat controversial and perhaps would be stirring a hornet’s nest…

Since yesterday, I’ve been carrying on a conversation with someone who wrote me out of concern that my use of the term “the serpent” in the article on Election 2004 is vilifying a creature that doesn’t deserve to be vilified. I fully agree that reptiles are not evil! It was my mistake to make the assumption that everyone understood that the serpent of which I was speaking was the mythological character from the story of “The Fall.” In addition, this person felt I was saying that the human reptilian brain was “bad” and that this reference was creating divisiveness—and yet another reason not to accept and love a part of our humanity.

I had to think long and hard about that. It has truly been a focus of mine to make it very clear—in Recreating Eden, particularly—that looking at things as “bad” or “good” is folly. I have been scrupulous not to couch things in terms of “bad” and “good,” I truly do not wish to polarize with my ideas and articles—indeed, anything but—however, we are, indeed, living in duality, and to change that, we need to start where we are. Describing the current state of things seems to me an important step in moving up out of it and closer to unity.

I am sure that I am not 100% guilt free when it comes to disowning shadow aspects of myself, but truly, I am not condemning our reptilian brains as “evil”—indeed, it is the very part of us that keeps our hearts beating! I’m simply saying that this most primitive portion of the human brain contains our most primitive, frequency-lowering urges and is not the aspect of our being that is likely to lead us to the higher frequency realm of peace and joy!

Please know that I am always open to sincere questioning about what I put out to the world. While I would be lying if I said that I always love being called on something, I do always know it is important that I take a look at the issues that someone may have about what I have said and examine myself to be sure I’ve been true to the truth as I can discern it. That is something that I pledge to be scrupulous about—being as accurate as possible in scribing the teachings I’m given from the higher realms and making as sure as I can that the filter of my own personality does not put a smudge on it—and when it does, to polish it off until it shines again.

Boy, oh, boy. It’s a challenge not to try and edit these blog entries to perfection! After so many years of writing copy, and so many years of writing a book that went from many hundreds of pages to just 168, I’m quite the editor. But I would never come near the blog if I knew it had to be that perfect. So I will leave this intact with whatever warts it may contain and let it fly…More soon!

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