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Tonight, Rick and I went to a MoveOn PAC local organizational meeting. When we arrived, there were only a few others there, but we found out that they run those meetings every day in multiple places around Denver and that they often have 25 or more at the meetings. We are committed to pitching in in various ways (calls, door-to-door) including driving voters to the polls on Nov. 2. This is the first time either Rick or I have felt passionately enough about an election to roll up our sleeves and do more than just donate money (save for walking a neighborhood for a Colo. state senate candidate in 2000, and a couple hours of phone banking that I put in for him).

The MoveOn staff member was amazing. A young man in his mid-to-late twenties, he had taken 3 months off from his regular career to do this. Very committed, articulate, and full of energy, he told us he'd been averaging 4 hours sleep per night for a couple of months. (Rick later commented to me that he is at that age when you are willing to give everything you have in terms of physical, mental, and emotional energy right down to the very last drop because you know you can always recoup it later. I remember feeling invincible like that!)

Interestingly, he was an angel. Or so I determined. He was so amazingly clear and radiant! His energy was beautiful; his eyes, so bright; and his gaze, gently penetrating. It was quite heartening and inspiring to see someone like that doing what he is doing. If there are even a few others like him (and I believe there may just be legions!) working within the system to catalyze change, I have even greater certainty that we will be able to shake loose from the disharmony matrix and recreate Eden!

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