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We got our first "major" review today for Recreating Eden and I was thrilled that the reviewer, for the most part, seemed to "get it." It was a glowing review (thank you God!) and while the reviewer used "Christian tale" to describe the story of The Fall, otherwise, there was nothing that made me cringe and lots that made me happy--especially the line that said "Recreating Eden is a powerful and life-changing discourse that draws new revelations from an ancient parable."

I did write to the guy who heads up the review entity to ask him if he'd change "Christian" to "Old Testament" on the basis that using the word "Christian" in a review about a book that is not a Christian book would be misleading to the reader. Fingers are crossed...

It is a real challenge to spend as many years as I did getting a book written, one whose message I feel so passionate about, and then having to detach from it sufficiently to promote it. Not only that, it seems in order for the universe to move, you need to get out of its way, and that has proven to be something that I need to improve on! It's one thing to passionately state your desires to the universe, but the other important aspect of the process is to let go. How do you let go of something when you are trying to sell it?! And teach it? Being the author AND the publisher AND the sales staff AND the teacher AND
the promoter is a bit crazy-making.

It may soon be time to hire a publicist. As someone told me recently, "You can never promote yourself as well as I can promote you." I am starting to really see the wisdom in that!


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