Prayer and the 3rd debate

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Tonight I decided to meditate and pray just before the 3rd presidential debate and I was starkly aware of being pulled into duality. I wanted to pray for "my guy" to win. I found myself wanting to pray for what I believe is right. I found myself wanting to pray for the outcome that I believed was the “righteous” outcome. But I realized that, in a very real sense, that is not mine to judge. In the end, I raised my frequency, connected to the Unified Field and radiated Love to empower Wholeness, Harmony, and Oneness, and for both men to be empowered to serve the Truth and the Light, without putting my own personal spin on what that might look like; how it ought to play out.


I think that it is so important that we learn to rise above judgment mode when we wish to affect the creative process in a helpful way. I believe that the way to authentically be of service is to connect with the Divine Design for Wholeness and empower it without trying to put our spin on it. In fact, I don't believe we actually can empower Wholeness when we're in judgment. So often we’re so sure that we know what will serve the highest possibilities—and we just plain don’t. What I believe we must do is empower the matrix for Harmony and let Infinite Wisdom sort out the details.

I won’t tell you that I wasn’t sucked right back into the old “right/wrong” forcefield again during the debate. I won’t tell you I wasn’t rooting for one candidate over the other. I was. While I aspire to the time when I will be unmoved by duality, that day has not yet come and this election is testing me constantly as to whether I can walk my talk. I’m happy to report that, though I often have a foot in each world, I’m staying conscious and aware of the pulling effects of duality and my response to it. I’m finding that by doing so, it becomes less and less easy to act contrary to what I know will take me higher and closer to Home. Perhaps I will even be able to rise above this whole election process and quit feeding the drama with my energy--to break the addiction to the concept of "win/lose." It might not be before November 3rd, though. But I’m open to the possibility…

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