Sore spot

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Tonight, I’m working intensively with the integration of the small, wounded me with the more enlightened me. Reading back over that, it's not a particularly incisive comment! I guess doing that is pretty much the whole challenge when you’re on the path. But sometimes it is more acute than others. A friend has pushed quite an ow-y button (or did I push it myself?) and I’m challenged to somehow express my wounded inner child to release the stuck energy there by sharing with him what I’m feeling, and to operate at a higher level at the same time. Oh, how much easier it is to be at a higher frequency when your inner child isn’t stirred up!

I read a theory that your inner child represents your ego. I don’t think that’s the whole story on the inner child, but I certainly see that my inner child has a powerful ego component. And I’m really experiencing that tonight! I am thankful that this whole issue, however uncomfortable it is, has come up. Obviously, there is much instruction in the situation. Clearly, the sore spot it is a place within myself that is not as evolved as it needs to be.

The encouraging part is that until a sore spot makes itself clearly known, it is not as easy to heal. While rising in frequency can heal things spontaneously, there are some aspects of your woundedness that are to be mined for valuable insights. I will be asking this particular hurtful place in myself to offer up its gifts so that I can partake of them, appreciate them, and set them free so that I can travel with one less piece of baggage.

Meantime, owwwwww.

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