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Today has been a day of rest and rehab from the frenetic North Carolina visit. In 7 days, I stayed in 4 places and participated in activities ranging from doing intense emotional healing work on myself, to teaching a very high-vibe workshop, and from counseling others, to sorting through old letters and photos, plus a whole lot I’m not mentioning. While that may not be so challenging to some, for me, it definitely was. To start with, I’m not particularly adept at packing and moving around. I tend to like to stay awhile once I begin to settle in but that was not to be on this trip! I also felt myself switching identities—from an initial feeling of being an election victim (“victim” is never a high-frequency positioning!) who didn’t want to leave home, to being God-As-Electrical-Force during the breathwork I did with Mary, to being a priestess, and then a teacher, and then the youngest daughter of aged parents, saying goodbye to the “old homeplace” for the last time. I’m not sure if it was the non-stop physical action or the non-stop emotional action that did me in. Probably both. Suffice to say that it will be at least a day or two before I’m going to be planning anything much to do! I was kind of a zombie today. Happily, I was able to spend the day regenerating and Rick took the day off, so he was home, too.

I had a really cool experience yesterday on the trip back. I flew Delta from Raleigh to Denver via Cincinnati and while I was waiting at the gate to board the plane to Cincinnati, I said to my Spirit, “You know—I’ve kind of lost touch with the magic. I could really use a bit of it on this trip. How about seating me with someone interesting to talk to?” A half-hour later, I boarded the plane, stowed my stuff, and then went to the restroom. On my way back to my seat, I noticed that heading down the aisle was Mary Phyllis Horn, whom I had emailed with about SFF in the summer, then met in Raleigh in September at Dancing Moon, and kept running into when I was in Raleigh last week. We had never had a chance to talk but she seemed someone I would probably click with.

As synchronicity would have it, not only was she seated near me, she was assigned to the seat right next to me! I had 30 C and she had 30 B! Then it turned out that 30 A had not been assigned so she moved over a seat and not only did we have a great visit, we had extra space, which is always nice. She was on her way to a metaphysical conference in Tulsa. She is quite interesting and we had a wonderful visit. We did not stop talking for the entire 90-minute flight. I confess to having been the one doing much of it! It was really fun and a definite demonstration of “magic.” I love that.

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