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What an interesting day! Our ducts and furnace were supposed to be cleaned today and, indeed, a guy came to do that, but discovered that, as happens so often in a 45-year-old house, something was non-standard and the regular procedure would not work. Instead, we’d need to reschedule with a different technician who would be doing a slightly more expensive technique (but would be the best value in the long run as doing it the standard way would require buying new vent covers and repairing damage to the floors!). Couldn’t work out another appointment till Thurs. BUT…

When the young man who was originally supposed to clean our ducts, etc., and I started talking as he was rescheduling the job, we discussed that I am an author that works out of my home office. He was interested in what my book was about and we had quite a conversation. He told me up front he is pretty religious and asked me if I am a Christian. I told him that religion is too small a box for me but if anything, you could call me a “non-traditional Christian.” As the conversation unfolded, the recent elections came into the conversation and ever the intrepid and often Uranus-influenced Pisces, I expressed my views about how the election was a perfect metaphor for the duality on the planet. I admit that I expected him to have fallen for the far right conservative line based on his declaration of being very religious, but he surprised me by bringing up conspiracy theory about Bush and Kerry both being Skull and Bones and all that entails (if you want to see what has been postulated about the Bush/Kerry conspiracy, you can do a Google search on it). He expressed dismay that Bush had won the election and said a couple of his family members were already heading for Canada. I told him I am somewhat familiar with the conspiracy theories and that I think it’s important to be aware of what’s out there but that to invest passion in anything fear-based, no matter how “true” (or not) simply feeds fear. He seemed to click with that understanding right away as he did with many other ideas I pitched his way.

As we continued to talk, it was clear to me from his thoughtful and quick responses that he was truly following what I was saying, and I realized that he was supposed to read Recreating Eden. I gifted him with a copy because it seemed like the right thing to do. He insisted he would read it right away. Of course, as several have found out, the size of the book can be deceptive and it often stirs up so much internal “stuff” that it takes longer than one may first assume. So we’ll see. Then again, my neighbor read it through from cover-to-cover TWICE in one sitting!

As we continued to talk, I realized that he truly is likely in the right place spiritually to “get” the information and energy attunement available through reading Recreating Eden. I am left with the distinct impression that he was supposed to come over primarily to connect with the book and me. Pretty cool. Would have liked it better had the vents gotten cleaned today, too, but…it’s hard to complain about getting it done Thursday!

Also, another very cool event of the day is that Bobbi Creech put a wonderful review of Recreating Eden on for us. It is a thrill to realize that people really are “getting it” and that it is truly helping them! And even more wonderful that they are willing to say so in a public forum. Yay!!!

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