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Hallelujah. I’m starting to come out of the fog I’ve been in that has blocked me from feeling in touch with the message! (You’d think someone who spent as much time as I did writing that book would have no problem remembering what is in it, now wouldn’t you?!) How’s this for a promotional description of my talk at the upcoming Celebration Metaphysical Fair in Colorado Springs (April 17, 2005)?

“Ascending to the frequency level where Paradise manifests is not a matter of finding the correct technique and perfecting it. The process of returning to Eden and recreating Heaven on Earth is uber-simple—in fact, complication is the very thing that keeps you out of that blissful state! Learn what is actually required for ascension and what baggage you must drop in order to enter Paradise. Julia Rogers Hamrick, who spontaneously re-visited Eden in 1982, and is the author of Recreating Eden, shares the security code to the Garden Gate. Your ego will not want you to attend this talk, but your Spirit will thank you!

I emailed that to the fair organizer tonight. I was supposed to send that in with my signed contract, but had to leave the description blank because I couldn’t think of what I needed to say and knew I needed to find the right words. I’m SO glad I finally “came to.”

Yesterday, the tape of the talk I did at New Directions in Charlotte back in November arrived, and I listened to it with great interest as I could hardly even remember what I had said! I sent this ringing endorsement via email to Rick afterward, “It didn’t suck.” That’s pretty high praise considering all I could hear was what I didn’t say or how I could have said what I said more effectively. When he came home and listened to it, he thought it was pretty cool. In fact, he was excited about it! He wasn’t thinking about what I could have said that I didn’t—he was grooving on what I did say. That is the first time he’s ever heard me talking before a group. Hard to believe—the person that knows me best in the world had never experienced what I consider to be me in my most favorite role of all! It’s hard now to imagine that for more than seven years—with a couple of very minor exceptions—I did not give any public talks! (Of course, I've done quite a few in the last year, but he hasn't been present and the Charlotte talk was the only one that's been taped.) What I love the most, I didn’t do. Mustn’t go that long ever again!

As we were talking about lots of things last night, and I was lamenting how detached I get from what it is I have to share, he said that the person he heard on the tape is definitely someone who needs to be doing more, more, MORE of the speaking and teaching. He is sure that if I’ll just get out there more and speak and teach that the direction I need to take with the work will reveal itself. Instead of me trying to figure it out, he says, I just need to get out there and do my thing. I think he may just be right! What a bright man I married!

We’ll be putting an excerpt or two from the New Directions talk on the website as soon as we get it digitized…

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