2005: Year of answers?

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It’s 2005 and the year has begun with me questioning (almost) EVERYTHING. I’m sure as the days pass, I’ll be sharing much of what I’ve been thinking about. The topics? Earth changes and my response to them (that tsunami probably has a lot of us thinking about that); brain candy (have I been too simplistic in my approach so that people dismiss the message, or is the dearth of brain candy in Recreating Eden totally appropriate as I have believed?); writing another book (it could contain the answers to the questions I’m asking!); trance states and what there is to be learned from them (I’ve developed a sudden, renewed interest in shamanic journeying); the best way to build a community around recreating Eden (who wants to play with Rick and me and make magic?) and much more.

So the months ahead promise lots of interesting exploration.

I’m working on the winter edition of Rising Times (newsletter) and have found way too much that I want to put in my article on spirituality and aromatherapy, so there may need to be a series of articles on that. It amuses me that the thought of putting together a newsletter—you know, coming up with enough material for one—was so daunting before, and now I am having to restrain myself!

According to the meteorologists, it’s going down to –3 tonight. It’s been snowing lightly all day and is supposed to continue through tomorrow and stay very cold as well. And the gardening catalogs are starting to show up. Very enticing! I guess if you order seeds/plants now, you’re exercising faith, indeed! Ahhhh--have I just come up with a grand rationalization for placing an order with High Country Gardens (my favorite online garden center)?!

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