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The Theta Healing class was this weekend. Quite intensive--we did 4 days' worth in 2. It was just the instructor, me, and one other person. I learned quite a lot--including that I will need to adjust it to fit my understanding of God and adapt the techniques to a higher perspective. No criticism of the original--it just doesn't completely fit with where I am with things. It was quite a fun little threesome, though, and it was lovely to have a weekend with women. We jammed SO much in and processed immense amounts of energy. Luckily, both of us picked things up pretty quickly, though I was worried that I wasn't seeing things clearly enough. I kept seeing things symbolically instead of literally and though it concerned me that I was doing it "wrong," I was reassured that that was fine. My partner in the class seemed to feel dramatic changes when I "worked on" her, so apparently, I was effective despite my concerns. She was quite quick to pick it up, too, and it was fun to work together as we were able to blaze through a lot of stuff that the facilitator said usually takes people longer.

When my partner in the class did a body scan on me, she picked up on most all my body issues (as well as some emotional ones). Remember that I blogged about how I'd been to the chiropractor a bunch of times over the last couple of weeks? She got that and even named the exact vertebrae that had been bothering me! This "diagnosis" was within a very short time of our having met, we had had no time to chat, and we knew virtually NOTHING about each other, and certainly not about any of our respective ailments. So it was quite impressive! I also picked up on most all of her stuff as well (as confirmed by the facilitator--she had already been working as a practitioner with her for several sessions) who had also scanned her a few days earlier. That helped me feel more confident about my "seeing"!

I had some other problems the first day, though. To start with, the class was in the morning and across town from me. I traditionally have not had an easy time with mornings, and I didn't sleep very well or very long the night before. When I got there, the facilitator was burning sage and burned it pretty much all day
the first day and it really almost did me in. The smoke was just overwhelming to me and my lungs and sinuses were very messed up. I was also processing a lot of emotional stuff and already had sinus problems going on. So I was miserable. I had to call her that night and ask her not to burn it the next day--she was happy to oblige and I did MUCH better on all levels the next day. Getting 10 hours of sleep that first night helped immensely, too.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with how the class went, and though I probably won't become a Vianna Stibal-style Theta Healer (and certainly won't claim to be!), I know that the class was an important puzzle piece for me. Now, to figure out where that piece fits!

Got a Christmas tree today and we'll put it up tomorrow. I LOVE my Christmas trees. I can hardly wait to get out the treasures to decorate it with. SO much fun for me! Something about lights and color and sparkle and special things you collect over the years...


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