In the world but not of it

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I’m certainly glad I know what I know about recreating Eden or I’d be a basket case. If I thought we had to play by the rules of the duality matrix—that we had to somehow “win” over “evil”--I’d be ordering one of Derek Humphry’s books from (Not that I’m at all sure suicide would actually let you escape duality!)

Anyway, the evidence of a takeover by greed-driven forces, leading to a decline of liberties and open expression in our country, is showing up on my radar almost daily. The ownership of the media by big conglomerates that have a stake in suppressing the truth and that spin information to benefit their bottom line has come up in a big way lately, not just in the failure of the mainstream media to cover voter fraud in the U.S. (while covering it in the Ukraine!), but in other ways as well.

For example, my sister forwarded me a message today about a TV commercial that United Church of Christ was all set to run on CBS and NBC that is about inclusion. It basically says that no matter who you are or where you come from, you are welcome at UCC. Scary stuff, huh? Not exactly! But at the eleventh hour, CBS and NBC-owned stations have decided that the ad is too controversial. As my sister noted, seems NBC doesn’t have a problem airing Will & Grace, but an ad from a church that would be happy to welcome the people the show depicts is not okay.

In all fairness, the UCC ad is a little “in your face” and shows people going into church and all but the straight WASPs being turned away by “bouncers” that you just know represent the religious right. I guess expecting the so-called powers-that-be not to respond just like they have is a little like baiting a vicious animal and then being surprised when it does what vicious animals do! I would be amazed if the creators of the commercial didn’t have some idea that they were flirting with the possibility that this would happen. Yet, still, the whole episode is a definite commentary on big media’s stranglehold on the voice box of progressive values. And it seems a symptom of something cancerous that is growing in the world.

So, I’m glad that I understand this is all a play that only has an impact when you are bought into the duality matrix, and that the only way to remain unscathed by it is to lift up and out of it. That by refusing to buy into the whole good vs. evil, right vs. wrong schema for disharmony, and by insisting on transcending the duality matrix, thereby choosing to dwell in the Unified Field, those issues and struggles between extremes become moot. Where we’re headed--some more swiftly, apparently, than others (!)--indeed, where we can dwell right now, the forces of the duality matrix do not even exist. The trick to surviving our sojourn into the disharmony schema is a matter of being “in the world but not of it”--of observing what is happening (and acting when inspired to), but not getting caught up in the duality notion that something is wrong. It’s all God.  IT’S ALL GOD. And everything is, as always, in Divine Order. (That last emphasis was for me, who needs reminding just like everybody else does!) And, a critical factor in rising up to the turmoil-free zone is refusing to allow what you observe happening in the duality play to affect the level of your radiance; to not let your human-nature tendencies to "take sides" affect the level of unconditional Love you are radiating, which is the only thing that can truly transform anything.

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